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Day 159, Year 540 of the Ascendancy

We exiles have come along quite a ways since Robin Greyhawk first found
a teleportation stone in the OC Power Room. The Full Moon OC raids have
become routine, and we have been getting more and more successful in
getting a stone from OC.

However, though OC raids have become easier for
us, there is always the possibility for failure. Today was one of those
failures. Quite a large group of exiles showed up in OC 1 this morning,
and the first three camps were taken in no time. Soon, reinforcements
arrived, and the orga force in OC 4 was gradually depleted.

However, just when it seemed like the orga were
beaten, a large pack of Death Vermine spawned near the campfire, and
the exiles in OC 4 were masacred. That upped my depart count to 104.
Hopefully, next time we will learn from this failure, and be prepared
for sudden Death Vermine spawns.

Day 151, Year 540 of the Ascendancy

Well, I’ve been spending much of my time in the library lately, and
don’t get out as much as I used to, but my training is coming along
pretty good. While I’ve been away from the lands there have been quite
a few new developements.

The most obvious is the completion of the Puddleby
Monastery. Now, exiles of all professions can go to the Puddleby
Monastery, and train in hand to hand combat. I’m sure that the many
monks the reside on our isle are overjoyed. Today I was fortunate
enough to get a chance to tour the fine monastery and sample some of
it’s fine sake.

Afterwards I was able to partake in a good old
fashioned Dal’Noth Hunt, with an unruly mob of 20+ exiles. It was quite
a blast. We smashed through those ‘Noths like an angry ‘Zo through a
garden of flowers. There was this one Xar’Noth that was giving us a bit
of trouble though, but we just led the thing to Votenkath’s castle, and
Mr. V’s pet Greater Death made short work of the Xar’Noth.

Quite useful, those undine are.

Day 77, Year 540 of the Ascendancy

Today was my clan’s monthly meeting, and we had a rather large turnout.
After disscussing several matters pertaining to the clan and being
introduced to some new hopefuls, we decided to practice for our
upcomming Dun’ilsar by having a mock Money Hunt.

We all gathered in the Sacred Grove, and split up
into two groups. One group, led by Fleming, was to take the Northwest
Forest and bear caves, while my group hunted the rest of North Forest
and the the Fringe. Fleming gave the signal, and we went our separate
ways, agreeing to meet back in the Sacred Grove in three hours.

Entering the North Forest, our group was surprised
to find the woods almost empty. Even the normally packed Muddy Forest
and Fringe held very few critters. With the time running out, we
decided to head for the Feral Den.

This turned out to be a good move, since the
forests surrounding the Den were packed with Giant Ferals. However, we
were only able to take a quick peek into the Feral Den before we headed
back to the Sacred Grove.

In the Grove, the money from both groups was
totaled up, and we made a whoping total of 507 coins. Hopefully we will
be able to do better when it’s time for the real thing.

In other news, while my clan was practicing for
the Dun’ilsar, there were several interesting events going on in
Tenebrion’s Keep. I don’t know all of what happened, but when I arrived
at the keep, it seemed that Tenebrion was keeping several exiles
hostage, and many exiles were present, arguing for the release of the

Also, it seems the Mystics Leonin and Aki had a
private conversation with Tenebrion, regarding the opening of portals.
The transcripts can be found on Babajaga’s Scrolls, but in brief, Aki basically explained to Tenebrion that Mystics cannot open portals, merely see past illusions.

One particular line that gave me pause was when
Tenebrion said: “I will need you to learn to open portals one day.”
What he meant by this is yet to be determined…

Day 75, Year 540 of the Ascendancy

My studies have grown busier for me of late, and I have been able to
spend less and less time out of the library. In fact, today was the
first time in nearly half a month that I have been able to take some
time away from my books!

Anyhow, as soon as I stepped out of the library
today, I was asked by a group of exiles to open up Dal’Noth Isle;
currently one of the most popular of hunting grounds. I happily agreed
to do so, and headed for the docks… only to find that I had no money
on me. Studying sure costs a lot of money!

Luckily, I was able to borrow a few coins from my
friend Mac-arena, and I paddled my way to Dal’Noth. The group that I
found there was quite sturdy, and after I had opened up Dal’Noth, they
invited me to join their party. I happily did so, and in no time, I had
made over 300 coins.

However, things got a little ugly when several
Hel’Noths showed up, along with several other assorted critters. I was
quickly felled, along with most of the rest of the party, and it was up
to Urgelt to chain us to safety.

We were eventually raised when reinforcements
showed up, and we continued to hunt on Dal’Noth for several more hours.
There were a few more sticky situations, like when twenty Vel’Noths
decided to show up in the Dal’Noth Town, but we were able to overcome
them with relative ease.

By the time I left, my purse was quite laden with
coppers, and I headed to the bank to deposit some of my wealth.
Hopefully this money will pay for my studies for a while.

Day 50, Year 540 of the Ascendancy

The recent Chaos Storm has brought a new visitor to the isles, and her
name is Ma Tota. She appears to be a female Thoom in colorful blue
garb, and she wanders about the isles studying and learning from our
local fauna… and so can you.

It seems that Ma Tota’s study of animals has led
her to the conclusion that every exiles has an “animal teacher” that
can teach them important skills. Ma Tota helps exiles to find their
animal teachers by pointing them in the right direction.

So far, no exiles(to my knowledge) have been able to figure out how to learn from, or even how to find an “animal teacher”.

I myself found Ma Tota wandering in the eastern
farms, and tried to learn of my animal teacher. However, Ma Tota
appeared to be busy, and she told me to come back the next day.
Impatient, I trapped her in a hut and held her there for some six
hours, waiting for daybreak.

However, a few hours before morning, Ma Tota
suddenly exclaimed that she needed to leave, and she disapeared before
my very eyes. And so the mysterious Ma Tota remains a mystery to me.

I wonder what my animal teacher could be…

Day 33, Year 540 of the Ascendancy

Well, the 157th Chaos Storm has passed over us, and there are quite a
few things that are new. First off, the Journeyman Nyssa has been
promoted to Mystic! Also, the T’rool Outpost in South Forest nears
completion, and hopefully it will be completed by the next storm.

Anyhow, as I stood in South Forest admiring the
new Outpost, a strange message rang through my head: “* Pengy GM will
arrive in the fairgrounds in 5 minutes for no particular reason. Feel
free to drop by.” Interested, I headed to town(chased by a pair of
Boloks) to see what all the fuss was about.

What I saw was quite interesting… and a bit disturbing.

In the fairgrounds, surrounded by a group of
exiles, was what could only be called an overgrown human in a penguin
suit. It was quite an amusing sight, but gradually I grew tired of the
human, and retired to the library.

Hopefully, the next couple of days will reveal further changes that the Chaos Storm has brought to this world.