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Who is this mystery woman?

Sasha’shin helped me perform the incantation of OGL today, and now everything looks wonderfully clear! The effects are fantastic– it’s almost as if I’ve gotten a new set of eyes! It’s been a lot of fun visiting places I know, just to see how things look with my new sight.
Below are some sketches I’ve made with the help of my enhanced vision:

Town center’s never looked this good before!


I had the opportunity to speak with Melabrion for a short while today, along with a few others. With Shrub translating, we were able to learn that Melabrion and his brothers have finally gotten results from their research into teleportation stones.

Unfortunately, Melabrion told us that he would require a fee before he would share the results with us. He also said that the fee would go towards paying for the Sarir that was recently sent to Puddleby to teach Smythus some new crafts.
Melabrion says that he has created a small hut on one of the newly opened spheres of the Ethereal Plane, with a Sarir who is collecting “donations” on his behalf. It seems that exiles will have to make a dangerous trek and hand over some coins if we are to learn what Melabrion has in store for us.

(Lundar steps out of the library)
Ribbit, ribbit. *Zot* *Zot* *Zot*
Lundar has fallen to a Frog.

Today we had a joint hunt with clan Hunter in Melabrion’s Mines. We were a little short on healers, but that did not stop us from venturing deep into the lair of the Tok’han.
Trouble struck us, however, when we lost a number of our fighters who had tried to “peek” into the infamous Snake Pit within Melabrion’s Mines. We tried a number of distraction tactics to lead the monsters away from the entrance, and were about to make a desparate charge into the Pit, when we were joined by members of the Order of the White Elephant, who had been hunting above.

The Tok’hans and Cobras in the Pit were no match for the combined might of our three clans, and we quickly cleared the cavern, and pressed on deeper. This was the first time that many of us had visited the deeper caverns of Melabrion’s Mines, so it was very exciting.
We encountered Lime Tok’hans and Tok’han Shamans, whom I had previously only read about on scrolls. We were forced to turn back, however, when we encountered a powerful Emerald Tok’han, that none of our fighters could hit.
It was quite an exciting hunt, and I hope to be able to venture forth deeper into the Tok’han caves some day. Below are some sketches that I made during the hunt:

Battling a Mega Mouth
3 Flavors of Tok’han
Beating a hasty retreat
Taking the Snake Pit
Encounter with a deadly Lime Tok’han