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Day 237, Year 537 of the Ascendancy

Well, the 124th Chaos Storm has come, and gone,
and I have to say that I have not seen much that is new. The Snaggy
Wood continues to be the most popular hunting ground for exiles, though
it seems that the orga are getting poorer and poorer from the constant
exile invasions. Orga Berzerks hardly carry any coins at all now, and
Furies only yield about one or two coins. Still, the Snaggle Wood is
constantly hunted, though more and more exiles are opting to try Orga
Camp 2 and beyond in hopes of finding our missing catapult. So far,
however, the vigilant Orga Warlocks have kept all exiles out of OC 4,
but one of these days we might just break through…

Some Unruly Zerks

Day 183, Year 537 of the Ascendancy

Oof! Already it is the 3rd day of Summer, and my
Journal entries have grown fewer and fewer. What with my studies, and
training to become a Mystic, I have hardly the time to have adventures,
or to write them down here. Much has been happening in the past few
days: ELF steals a map of the Lok Gro’ton Island chain from the
Darshak, and a Phoenix burns down several of Puddleby’s guard towers…
As for me, I have mostly been hunting in the Snaggle Wood. In fact, the
Snaggle Wood is the place to be the place to be, nowadays, for exiles
who want experience and money.

The Snaggle Wood

In recent times, it is not unheard of to find
hunting parties that have been hunting and camping out in the Snaggle
Wood for several days! The main reason for this is that the Snaggle
Wood is inhabited by dangerous orga, such as the Orga Fury and Orga
Berzerk, yet is not quite so dangerous as the Orga Camp, which is
filled with lightning throwing Warlocks. The Furies and Zerks leave
hefty chests of money, which doesn’t hurt either. Anyway, it would be
pretty difficult to mention any details of these hunts, for there are
many names, parties, rescues, and adventures, which only the Sun will
know… suffice it to say that the Snaggle Wood has been very
profitable =)

Day 156, Year 537 of the Ascendancy

I have always known about the existance of the
Dark Chamber, but have never actually had the chance to visit there. On
this 66th day of Spring, I got my chance. Today, after some idle chat
in the town center, I got this strange urge to visit the Dark Temple.
So, I went to the shore, paid my five coppers, and rowed my way to Ash
Island. From there, I made my way swiftly to the Dark Temple, avoiding
the foul undine. Finally, I reached the very Temple itself. Then I
died. Luckily, my clan mate Sylune sensed my spirit waning, and with
the aid of her skristal, she located my fallen body. Soon, Lark,
followed by Typ and Severian, came to my rescue. I was quickly raised,
and we made our way down to where our boats were hidden by the shore.
However, on our way down, I mentioned to Lark that I had never visited
the Dark Chamber before, and she promised that she would show it to me
on the way out. We trudged through the dark woods, and when we had
almost reached the shore, Lark pulled me aside, and pointed to a
gnarled tree. That is how my adventures in the Dark Chamber began.

The Dark Chamber

The tree turned out to be hollow, and within the
tree was a dimly lit chamber. A doorway opened to the west, from which
could be heard the sounds of fighting. We quickly rushed in, and found
Tarf, Blitz, and Warchild battling against Greater Wraiths(which I had
not seen since the forgetting) and other undine. The Wraiths were
quickly dispatched, and the creatures that were left were of the
queerest sort that I have ever seen. They are called Lesser Spectres,
and are a pale, transparent, blue. They move softly and silently, until
they come in sight of a target, at which point they fly after their
target with great speed. Their behavior is very similar to that of a
Flying Snake I saw once(see the entry for Day 36, Year 537) and they
would transpose themselves onto their targets, making them almost
impossible to hit(See a Vision Stone of the Spectres).

We gave up trying to kill the Spectres, and moved
in further west, into the Chamber propper. This chamber was brightly
lit, and roaring flames blazed, casting horrific shadows of the undine
that lurked there. I found myself drawn to the flames, and before I
knew what was going on, I found myself in the pentagram room of the
Dark Temple. There were all kinds of undine shuffling about, and I had
to move swiftly not to be felled by these undead foes. I found a
stairwell, and I sprinted my way up to the top, only to find several
Greater Wraiths, who promply felled me. Not before long, though, Lark
and the others made their way from the Dark Chamber, and rescued me
once again. We made our way out of the Temple, and rowed to the safety
of Puddleby. The Dark Chamber is quite an interesting place, and I
recommend any and all exiles to pay a visit there, though going with a
strong party is a must.