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Day 229, Year 536 of the Ascendancy

As I stated before in my previous entry, the orga menace is growing.
Today, as I strolled through the East Forest, I ran across a band of
Orga Fearless. I panicked, but luckily for me, the Orga Fearless moved
very slowly, though a few shot lightning bolts in my direction. I
immediately sent a message of warning via the sunstone, and received
many similar messages from all over the East Forest. It seemed that the
Orga Fearless were making a slow march towards Puddleby. They had to be
stopped. We assembled a small party in Puddleby to take on these
invaders, including quite a few powerful exiles. Before the power of
the Orga Fearless, however, we were outmatched. The Fearless seem to
have so many powers stacked atop each other, and leave little reward in
the form of money. It took us nearly two hours just to kill a single
Fearless, and there were over eight Fearless roaming around the East
Forest. Only with the combined might of many exiles, we were able to
defeat this menace, but next time we may not be so lucky.

Fearless Hunting

Day 225, Year 536 of the Ascendancy

Today I had the pleasure of hunting in the Orga Camp with none other
than the Mystic Yroon(if yi did not know, she was the one who raised mi
to the status of Journeyman Mystic). The camp was pretty peaceful, as
the Orga Camp goes, and we were feeling pretty sure of ourselves.
That’s when the Orga Rages arrived. We dispatched the Rages with some
difficulty, and ran up against a strange green orga, whom some called
the Orga Dissent.
The Dissent hit pretty hard, but quickly ran out of balance, so we were
able slay it quickly. We then prepared to move into OC 2. Yroon offered
to look into OC 2 with her Orb of Caesindre, but unfortunately, she
could not. It seems that looking through gateways is much more
difficult than using the Orb to find monsters in one’s close proximity.

Yroon Orbs

So, we had to do things the hard way. I opened up the gateway, and
several brave healers stepped into OC 2 to see how bad things were. No
sooner had healers stepped in, they all came running back out again. OC
2 was filled with Orga Warlocks, and an even deadlier beast; the Orga
Fearless. What does a Fearless look like, yi ask? Well, they are blood
red in color, have long arms, and appear to be a bit scrawny. But don’t
let their appearance fool you; they make Orga Frenzies seem like Ona
Chiggers. And there were five of them. We entered cautiosly, setting up
a rod, and clearing out the Warlocks. We then trapped the Fearless, and
tried vainly to attack them. I returned back to OC 1, to let more
exiles in. Gradually, more and more reinforcements arrived, and we were
able to slay the Orga Fearless.

A Dead Fearless

With the army of exiles, we were able to quickly clear OC 2, and even
took on OC 3. That was as far as we got. Warlocks poured out from OC 4,
and we were forced to retreat. The orga seem to go more dangerous every
day, and if this is to continue, we may one day be overrun by orga too
powerful to handle…

Day 200, Year 536 of the Ascendancy

Orga invsions have become quite common lately.
Luckily for us, most of these invasions are small; an army of Orga
Warriors led by an Orga Berzerk. However, every once in a while there
is an invsion of such size that it takes the combined might of all
exiles to put it down. Today, there was such an invsion. Oh, it started
out small enough, a Zerk here, a Warrior there; but they kept on
coming. More and more orga poured into town, and exiles were hard
pressed to keep the force at bay. That’s when the Orga Frenzies
appeared. They came into town, and started slaughtering exiles left and
right. The force seemed over powering, but luckily a few brave exiles
were able to lead a few Frenzies away, while the other exiles
recooperated. Slowly but surely the tide turned, and with full force,
we took on the Frenzies that had been led away. We had won, for now,
but if the orga keep on coming, one day, we might not be able to hold
them back…

Orga Frenzy

Day 189, Year 536 of the Ascendancy

Today was a very profitable day. After a few
lseeons with Master Skryss, I headed out of the Academy, and made my
way for Orga Camp. It was a good sized party, and we worked very well
together. Soon, many orgas showed up, including Orga Rages, Furies, and
Spites. We dispatched these with ease, and made a lot of money in the
process from the chests that they carried. My purse was quickly filled
with more than 500 coins. This is when we decided to take on Orga Camp
2(OC 2). More exiles had arrived, and we were getting a little cocky.
It is never wise to get cocky in OC. Soon, we were swamped with orga,
and I, their sole mystic, was felled.

Trouble in OC

Things looked bleak, but thanks to the ingenuity
of the exiles present, I was pulled out of OC, and we made a second
raid on OC, in force. We took over OC 2 for a while, then retreated to
OC 1 when things got ugly. All in all, I made over 600c, and this time
I promised myself not to gamble it all away!

Day 180, Year 536 of the Ascendancy

Today I went on a hunt with my clan to the Feral
Den. I had heard about this mysterious place before, but had never
actually ventured inside of it. I had seen the dark cavern deep within
the Northern Forest, but had never been able to find a way in. Today
however, with the help of the Pathfinder Afton, I was able to get a
closer look at this strange locale.

Feral Den

The inside of the cavern was even larger than it
appeared from the outside. It seems that the Feral Den extends
underground for several Sne’els. The inside of the den was very roomy,
and inhabited by ferals, and other cave dwelling creatures such as bats
and mice. We swiftly cleared out the feral den, and moved on to take
the Orga Camp and the Snagglewood. I was dissapointed not to see the
Dire Feral, a large creature whom I have only heard of through gossip,
but perhaps next time I will be fortunate(or perhaps unfortunate)
enough to run across this terrifying beast.

Day 171, Year 536 of the Ascendancy

There hadn’t been anything newsworthy since the “Zoo Incident”(recounted in detail on Shrug’s Scrolls),
so I spent the last several weeks mostly studying and working on the
Sylvan Outpost. Thus, the 111th Chaos Storm swept by without me
noticing it. One day, I stepped out of the Academy, and noticed that
the sunspots were gone. I could use my skristal again! Many things were
also afoot. A new forest, dubbed “The Snagglewood”, had been discovered
to the north-east of the Orga Camp. I was excited to learn of this new
locale, so when I heard of a hunt headed for that very forest, I joined
them straight away. When we reached the entrance to the Snagglewood,
the entrance seemed blocked, and impassable. However, with the aid of a
Pathfinder, we were able to reach the Snagglewood.

Snaggled Tree

I was immediately able to tell why this place was
called “The Snagglewood”. Speckled about the landscape were trees with
long, arm-like limbs, which looked like they could snag any unwary
passerby. I began to explore this facinating place, gradually
disapearing out of the sight of my party. Then, I was lost. I wandered
every which way, trying to retrace my steps and find my way back, but I
could not. Worse, the inhabitants of this place, the foul Orga, found
me and made short work of me. Luckily, the party caught up with me soon
enough, and we made our way out of the foul forest. So be warned! Do
not wander off alone in this foul place, for it is more confusing than
even the dank Marsh!

Day 175, Year 536 of the Ascendancy

Today was quite a day. It all started with a hunt
to the ‘Noids. It was quite routine, as such things go, but it was my
first time in the ‘Noids for a while, and it was great. Later, I
returned to town, and heard the report of a Darshak Invasion. It seemed
that a few foolish exiles had tried to clear out the Darshak Horde, and
now, the Darshak were retaliating. The Darshak in Puddleby were quickly
dispatched, and we all took our boats to sea. I was almost immediately
felled, but how could I do otherwise?

Trouble at Sea

The sea was swarming with monsters: Shredders,
Baltoise, Sea Snakes, you name it! There were even two Darshak Warships
to top it all off! Luckily, there was much back up, and the critters
were soon cleared out of the ocean. Only the two Darshak Warships
remained. The two Warships fled to Ash Island, and from there defended
their ports. Fighting the Warships was a momentous task indeed.

Warship Fighting

The two Warships were eventually dispatched, and
the multitude of exiles made their way to the Darshak Horde. We were
not prepared for what awaited us there.

Is this Possible?!?

Not only were we assaulted by the foul Darshak
Pirates and Undine, we were also overtaken by spell-slinging
Necromancers. I was burned to the ground as soon as I entered, and
things looked bleak for a while, but the sheer number of exiles won
over the Darshak Horde. It was quite a battle, and this was surely a
day to go down in history. (Here is a short Vision Stone of the event that I was able to put together).

Day 107, Year 536 of the Ascendancy

Today, to celebrate the ooc ushering of the Year
2,000, the Ancients brought us chaos. It all started when a single
question rang through all our heads: “What monster?” We had no idea
what this meant, until an invasion of rats swept us. “No sweat”, exiles
thought, but many exiles were felled in what turned out to be Death
Vermine in disguise. The words of the Ancient were becomming clearer to
us. Like some evil parody of the Feast of Tsrinn, the beasts of
Puddleby were getting “dressed up” as other animals. The next creatures
to grace us were leeches, followed by Ona Chiggers, Tors, Giant Crawlers, Green Meshra, Orga, and more Chiggers.
Though the exiles handled the first waves in stride, the final wave of
Chiggers included Warlocks and Hemlocks, which sent most of us tumbling
to the ground.


Things seemed bleak, but a sudden rain shower
brought many of the exiles to their feet. Ofcourse, many went back down
on their backs, but a few escaped, and the horde was slowly
erradicated. Afterwards, we were all changed into Y2K bugs:

Y2K Bugs

More chaos followed, as a few more critters
arrived in town, also dressed as Y2K bugs. We were then attacked by a
moving, void, and later changed into all sorts of chaotic colors.
Barreles of beer appeared afterwards, and I knocked myself out three
times(we Deep Sylvan have delicate stomachs). It was a great fun time,
though =)