Y2K Bug

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Day 107, Year 536 of the Ascendancy

Today, to celebrate the ooc ushering of the Year
2,000, the Ancients brought us chaos. It all started when a single
question rang through all our heads: “What monster?” We had no idea
what this meant, until an invasion of rats swept us. “No sweat”, exiles
thought, but many exiles were felled in what turned out to be Death
Vermine in disguise. The words of the Ancient were becomming clearer to
us. Like some evil parody of the Feast of Tsrinn, the beasts of
Puddleby were getting “dressed up” as other animals. The next creatures
to grace us were leeches, followed by Ona Chiggers, Tors, Giant Crawlers, Green Meshra, Orga, and more Chiggers.
Though the exiles handled the first waves in stride, the final wave of
Chiggers included Warlocks and Hemlocks, which sent most of us tumbling
to the ground.


Things seemed bleak, but a sudden rain shower
brought many of the exiles to their feet. Ofcourse, many went back down
on their backs, but a few escaped, and the horde was slowly
erradicated. Afterwards, we were all changed into Y2K bugs:

Y2K Bugs

More chaos followed, as a few more critters
arrived in town, also dressed as Y2K bugs. We were then attacked by a
moving, void, and later changed into all sorts of chaotic colors.
Barreles of beer appeared afterwards, and I knocked myself out three
times(we Deep Sylvan have delicate stomachs). It was a great fun time,
though =)

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