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elrohir.gifToday I chanced to spot the missing hopeful Elrohir outside of the library. He told me that he recently passed the fourth circle fighter test, and that he has been busy reading about the Bloodblade in the library. He said he might be able to make it to the next clan meeting, so hopefully we can see him there.

Today Santino Asellas surprised me with a sudden announcement– Santino is now engaged! But who is this handsome sylvan bachelor’s lucky bride to be? Well, it’s a secret! He plans to make the announcement at the next clan meeting, so be sure to attend to learn of Santino’s mystery fianc�(hint: she’s a sylvan and has brown hair).

Well, it finally happened. Yesterday, as I was trying to teleport a group of fallen exiles from the North Field, my teleportation stone crumbled into dust. It came as a great shock to me, and I cursed myself for not being more careful with it.
After contemplating the matter though, I came to realize that I had gotten a decent ammount of usage from the stone. I had managed to use the stone more than 60 times before it finally shattered– nearly a hundred exiles got to experience teleportation first hand. Also, by some ironic twist of fate, my stone had shattered on the night of a full moon, which meant I still had time to organize a party, and obtain another.


Usually when ELF goes hunting, we end up in some tight spot needing a rescue, but today the tables were turned a bit. It started with a clan hunt to Gungla Island, which is known for its diverse mix of critters.
We began on the southern shore, and worked our way clock-wise around the isle. We found plenty of good hunting– Meshras, Swamp Ferals, and a wide variety of snakes. We even had the fortune of encountering a rare Plesio’don, which we were able to bring down with some effort.
As we made our way ’round the west side of the isle, we learned of a party on GI in need of a rescue, and quickly headed that way, and soon had the party back on their feet. As it turned out, the party included the Mystic Leonin, and he claimed that he had just discovered a hidden illusion!


Today we inducted into the clan not one, not two, but three new hopefuls! Dathanja(healer), Idril Verbena(healer), and Santino Asellas(fighter) now sport the symbols of Prentis’mon Ferindril. Welcome to the clan you three!
I’ve also heard tell of a rumor that we may be inducting a new member into the clan next moon. Now whoever could it be?? I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out 😉

Today we were finally able to track down Ayella and return her long-deserved clan symbol. Ayella had a bit of difficulty navigating through the fog, but Ezail, Sasha, and Pel managed to guide her to the clan joiner, and wove the symbol of our clan into her hair once more. Welcome back Ayella Sh’iale!

Day 7, Year 553
Today my clan held our first meeting of the new year, and afterwards we
went hunting in, where else– the new island of Gungla! Since this was
my third visit to the isle, I gave my clanmates a tour of all the major
sites– the Meshra Lair, the Pit, and of course the rainbow waterfall.
We even had the good fortune of running into a boar, and we were able
to skin the beast and have it made into a quiver.

Pel shows off her new quiver

On a sad note, this was our clanmate Nephilim’s last clan hunt,
as he will soon be heading back to his homeland. After the hunt we
gathered on the beach, and wished our clanmate a safe journey. Farewell
Neph! We will all miss you greatly!

Farewell to Neph
Bidding farewell to our clanmate


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Day 355, Year 552

It started with a dozen earthquakes that wracked the entire island
chain. Soon, mystics began sensing some sort of disturbance in the
ocean. Exiles who went to investigate were felled by a new, never
before seen species of baltoise.

After much searching, exiles stumbled upon a new, southern
entrance to Melabrion’s Island, or rather “Gungla”, as it is know to
its natives. The island is much larger than I ever imagined, spanning
more than 30 snells and littered with dozens of hidden caves and
grottos. The island may be even larger still, as there is a river that
spans the isle that no exile has found a way to cross.

I explored the isle for quite a bit today, along with Xepel and
Larno, and came across many interesting sites. This is definately one
of the most exciting discoveries in recent times.

A beautiful waterfall

A hidden trainer

A strange statue from the village of Khororan

Day 346, Year 552
Today I attended an FMOCR organized by
Yor, in the hopes of obtaining another teleportation stone. Our party
was a little short on healers, but nevertheless we arrived early in
OC4, and had to wait for the appearance of the Magician.

Waiting in OC4

The Magician appeared promply at noon as expected, and he was easily
brought down by our party’s powerful fighters. However, when I entered
the Power Room in an attempt to obtain a stone, I was unsuccessful in
doing so– a disapointing ending for our successful raid.

It’s a bit of a mystery why Mystics sometimes can’t obtain a stone, but it has happened before in the past,
on several occaisions. Perhaps there is a waiting period before I can
obtain a second stone. Whatever the reason, I hope we can solve this
mystery soon.

Power Room

Day 339, Year 552

I was stuck in the library for most of the day today, so I
unfortunately missed my clan’s monthly meeting. When I did finally step
out of the library, however, I was in for a bit of a treat.

Zorton asked me if I wanted to make a mark in the foothills,
since he and a number of exiles were headed that way to rescue Hepta,
fallen in the Orga Village. I happily agreed, and tagged along with the
party. Zorton ported us to the Foothills, and I got to make my first
mark with the tp stone, just oustide of Katpus’ cave.

Foothills Mark

After I got back to town, I learned that my clanmates were
fallen in Melabrion’s Mines. I quickly joined up with a rescue party,
and headed for the Mines. The rescue turned out to be a piece of cake,
thanks to Califas, Callus, Borton, Yor, and Kensington.

Lundar to the Rescue!
Lundar saves the day?

Afterwards, we returned to town, and I got to catch up with my
clanmates. I learned from them that my friend Anfyr was having
something of a personality crisis– she now goes by the names Ezail and
Drnnh. It was all a bit confusing, but I hope we can find a way to get
her back to normal soon.

The new Anfyr

All in all it was an unexpectedly eventful day.