Archive for July, 2004

Today was the much anticipated joint hunt with clan Open Hands. Our two clans began gathering in the Puddleby Monastery early in the morning, before the sun had even risen. The time proved to be a bit too early for many ELFs, but we still had a decent turnout, with a strong showing from Open Hands.
Once all of our clanmates showed up, and we had our preparations in order, we headed off for today’s destination: Dal’Noth Isle.


The other day there was a huge invasion of slime monsters. I don’t know where they came from, but they were first spotted in East Field; gradually spreading to the farms and Puddleby itself.
A bunch of us(Sasha, Veq, Pel, and myself) were there to help fight off the slimes. We held the slimes at the eastern gates, where a large group of exiles assembled to fend off the invasion.
It was quite tough fighting an enemy that kept multiplying as we fought them, but eventually we realized that it was most effective to concentrate on fighting just one slime at a time. Soon we were able to defeat the slimes, and the only sign that they were there at all were the slick trails of goo left in the grass.