Orga Battle (with Catapult)

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Day 99, Year 536 of the Ascendancy

Today was a very profitable day; let me explain. I
came out of the library, as usual, and was called to open the gates at
OC, as usual. We hunted there, as usual, and had quite a good time, as
usual. That was when something out of the ordinary happened. We
suddenly received a cry for help over the sunstone. It seemed an Orga
Rage was rampaging in West Puddleby. “Rages!”, we spat. We had plenty
of those is OC. But as we continued our hunt, the cries for help became
more dire. One Rage, two Rages, three Rages… and a Fury to boot! We
all made way to Puddleby as fast as we could. We were not prepared for
the site that greeted us…

Orga Invasion

An army of orga met our party, in what was easily
the largest Orga Invasion in the history of Pre-Ripture Puddleby. There
were countless Orga Rages, Furies, and Frenzies, accompanied by
Hemlocks, Warlocks, Spites, and Zerks. Now this horrid scene placed
fear in the hearts of many exiles, but not I. I ran from orga to orga,
doing what I could with my “boosts”, and gaining a hefty profit in the
process. All told, I made over 400 coppers from the chests and bounty
of the invading orga. Yes, very profitable indeed.

This battle was also unique, in that it was the
first battle in which any exile had manned the newly built catapult.
The catapult shot out otherwise useless stones, and flung them at the
orga with deadly force. The catapult dealt immense damage against an
Orga Rage, and felled a virtually unscratched Death Vermine. Tan’ki,
Katpus, for the wonderous addition to Puddleby’s defenses!

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