Under Construction

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Day 324, Year 545 of the Ascendancy

The 230th Chaos Storm has swept by the lands, and it seems the dwarves
have finally finished construction of the new tunnels under town. There
are now passages extending to the south-west that lead to the Brewery
and the Purple Tor Inn.

It’s nice to have an alternate method of getting
around town, and the tunnels might come in handy if town were ever to
be overrun by monsters.

Hopefully the new tunnels will go unnoticed by the Myrmtarr.

The Puddleby underground isn’t the only
construction going on in the islands, however. It seems that the ‘Brion
brothers have also been working on construction projects of their own,
and now the Keeps of the ‘Brion brothers are fortified by walls and
guarded heavily.

Tenebrion has also threatened to close down his portal to the Ethereal Plane.

This deteriorating relationship with the ‘Brions
seems to stem from the fact that the ‘Brions have yet to obtain the six
teleportation stones which they have repeatedly asked for. The ‘Brions
are offering a permanent portal to the Ethereal Plane in exchange for
the stones.

So far, exiles have been reluctant about making
the trade, but now the ‘Brions are putting pressure on us. The Mystics
of Puddleby are currently trying to negotiate with the ‘Brions, and
come to some sort of agreement.

Hopefully this matter will be resolved soon, before our relations with the ‘Brions deteriorates further.

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