Best of Weak Tourny Announced

Posted on November 12, 1999 in Uncategorized

Day 266, Year 535 of the Ascendancy

Today, I ran across one of the strangest websrolls yet. It’s called Zippy’s Metal Dealies. Now what the heck is a Metal Dealy, yi ask? Here is a small sketch of one:

Metal Dealy

It looks like a metal umbrella if yi ask me, but if yi see any Dealies around, make a sketch of them, and send them over to Zippy. Also, yi Mystics and Wannabes out there, get ready for…


Les chercheurs de la clef des champs is holding a
competition called the BOW Tournament, a full lunar month from today.
This competition is only open to Mystics and Wannabes, and there will
be cash prizes awarded to the winners. Go to The Les Chercheurs Scrolls to get more details on this competition.

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