ELF & OWE Joint Hunt

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Day 359, Year 535 of the Ascendancy

Today was the much anticipated E’las Loth’mon
Ferindril(ELF) and Order of the White Elephant(OWE) joint hunt. After
our monthly meeting at the campfire, ELF went for a short hunt in the
bear caves. Afterwards, we readied ourselves for the great hunt! The
two clans met outside of Falinea’s Temple, and we divided into five
groups that consisted of a perfect blend of Mystics, Fighters, and
Healers. Here was the group I was in:

Hunting Group

The five groups were led by the stout Dwarf
Charlos, and the 27 or so exiles made their way to Dal’Noth Isle.
Charlos decided that we head east through the beaches, going north
through a secret passage in the mountains because the passes were too
“bottlenecky”. However, the groups soon found that the cave had somehow
been closed, and had to go the long way around. We traveled slowly,
fighting all the ‘Noths we encountered, so that we would not get
sandwiched and trapped between these foul beasts. However, when the
expedition reached the giant lake of Dal’Noth Isle, a large spawn of
Dal’Noths, Vel’Noths, and Zol’Noths split our group in two, and they
were both slowly disseminated. Afton and Zippy were the last to fall;
Zippy surviving for a whole 20 minutes after Afton fell. In the end
though, Zippy was felled too, by a Death Vermine spawn. If J’jh and the
other healers were not so badly fallen, we might have left the isle
alive, but unfortunately, they were too far gone. All in all, though,
it was great clan hunt!

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