Undine Ambush

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Day 49, Year 536 of the Ascendancy

Today was quite an eventful day. While I was
meditating in the Academy, I was asked to open up Dal’Noth isle for a
group of rescuers. I did so, and the rescuers quickly slayed the foul
inhabitants of the isle, and rescued the fallen. However, instead of
leaving, we decided to stay, and more and more exiles poured into the
isle. We gathered about 30 or so exiles, and decided to make a visit to
the Dal’Noth Town. It was quite an eventful trip, filled with many
perils and dangers.


We made our way to the town, but part way through,
a few more exiles wanted to join in on the fun, so I returned to shore
to let the exiles in. However, when I reached the entrance of the isle,
I saw no exiles in sight. Suddenly, several thoughts flooded through my
head, via the sunstone, all speaking of massacres occurring throughout
Puddleby. It seemed that while our party was exploring Dal’Noth, a
large army of Darshak and Undine had surrounded, and taken over our
town. Despite many warnings, I peddled my boat as fast as I could from
Dal’Noth, and reached the shores of Puddleby. However, as soon as I
landed upon the beach, literally hundreds of Undine and Darshak
surrounded me, and an evil Necromancer used his tainted magic, felling

Undine Invasion

It seemed that the Darshak had occupied many parts
of town, and a rescue was long in coming, but in the end, the exiles
triumphed over the greatest Undine invasion since the Ripture War.

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