Dun'ilsar vs Dwarven Militia

Posted on December 12, 1999 in Uncategorized

Day 27, Year 536 of the Ascendancy

Today was ELF’s Dun’ilsar against the Dwarven
Militia(DM). The clan mates of each clan met within the Purple Tor, and
made final preparations for the Dun’ilsar, a money hunt. Things looked
bleak, for there had been a mis-communication, and very few ELFs were
present. DM outnumbered us 2 to 1, with 14 exiles on their side. We
decided it would be best if we split our group in two; Sylune, Magnels,
and Afton headed for the Passes, while Fleming, Vequalir, Zippy, and I
headed for the North Forest. Hunting was pretty difficult, especially
since everywhere we went, it seemed there was a group from DM there as

Finally, the two hours was up, and the two clans
headed back to the Purple Tor. This is where luck came to play on our
side. All seven ELF members made it back to the Purple Tor with time to
spare, but DM was not so fortunate. Several factors slowed DM down,
including a minor Darshak Invasion in East Field, and Jury Duty. A few
exiles from DM did not make it to the Purple Tor in time. The totals
were then tallied from both clans, and it turned out that ELF barely
lost, with a coin count of 325 versus DM’s 348. It was a great
Dun’ilsar nonetheless, and next time, we will hopefully kick some
Dwarven posterior!


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