OC4 Taken By Exiles!

Posted on December 11, 1999 in Uncategorized

Day 24, Year 536 of the Ascendancy

Well, I guess I missed the Mystical BOW Tournament
today, but today was still a day to go down in history! Today, almost
as soon as I got out of the library, I received several requests to go
to Orga Camp. I needed some excitement, so I said “Sure, why not”.
Well, I arrived at the camp, and there was quite a party there. We
quickly plowed our way through the first three camps, and made our way
to OC 4. That was when a found out that another party had arrived in OC
1, and that they needed someone to open the gates. I quickly made my
way back to OC 1, accompanied by several fighters and healers. The
group in OC 1 was quite a bunch of exiles, and we survived numerous
attacks from Orga Rages and Furies. We quickly made our way through OC
2, when the following message resounded through all our heads:

SS Message

We all rushed down to OC 4, and found that the
claims of Jackie were true. OC 4 was under exile control. We quickly
searched the Orga Camp, looking for an entrance to OC 5. We did not
find any other exits out of OC 4, other than the one in which we came,
but what we did find was quite interesting:

Weird Rock

To me it appeared to be a giant slab of rock.
Others thought it a hole, a tree stump, or a large pile of [censored].
Whatever it was, it wasn’t ordinary. Other than that, there was little
of interest in OC 4. However, I was lucky enough to find my first
cluster of berries, Bramble Berries to be exact.

Bramble Berries

I was earnest to get back to town to try the
berries As we began to make our way back to town, however, a spawn that
Natas later described as a “DV spawn from hell” hit us. More than
thirty Death Vermine jumped out of the shadows, and felled the lot us.
We narrowly survived, and headed out of OC 4. The final peril that we
met seemed a parting gift. As we made ready to leave OC 2, twenty or so
Orga Berzerks jumped us, again felling many exiles. Afterwards, we all
made our way back to town and rejoiced over the capture of OC 4. I even
made a record of 11 shares 😉

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