V.I.A. Dun'ilsar

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Sombdi, day 11 of Winter, 577

I got to participate the Dun’ilsar competition hosted by Neko No Kessha today. As advertised, the contest was a V.I.A. challenge, where each clan worked to keep their team’s Agratis alive.

A lot of clans showed up without many members, so what ended up happening was that the smaller clans banded together to improve their odds. I decided to go it alone, despite being the only member of E’las Loth’mon Ferindril, and donned the mantle of Agratis Denden. I figured since the last Dun’ilsar challenge was won by a lone Agratis, I stood a chance, especially with the running skills I’ve honed as a mystic.

Watching and waiting

Watching and waiting

I pretty much kept in place for most of the challenge, running only when I sensed people were near. I had a few close calls with death, but managed to survive until the first clan, Neko No Kessha, was eliminated. The remaining members of NNK started seeking vengeance, though, and I was brought down by one of their rangers.

I ended up having to leave during the middle of the second challenge, but I heard that there were 3 contests in all, all of which were handily won by the Yellow Team, thanks to their superior fighting prowess and teleporting mystic. It was a fun challenge in all, and good to see the clan competition brought back again.

Neko No Kessha has a full report on their blog.

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