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Sombdi, day 11 of Winter, 577

I got to participate the Dun’ilsar competition hosted by Neko No Kessha today. As advertised, the contest was a V.I.A. challenge, where each clan worked to keep their team’s Agratis alive.

A lot of clans showed up without many members, so what ended up happening was that the smaller clans banded together to improve their odds. I decided to go it alone, despite being the only member of E’las Loth’mon Ferindril, and donned the mantle of Agratis Denden. I figured since the last Dun’ilsar challenge was won by a lone Agratis, I stood a chance, especially with the running skills I’ve honed as a mystic.

Watching and waiting

Watching and waiting

I pretty much kept in place for most of the challenge, running only when I sensed people were near. I had a few close calls with death, but managed to survive until the first clan, Neko No Kessha, was eliminated. The remaining members of NNK started seeking vengeance, though, and I was brought down by one of their rangers.

I ended up having to leave during the middle of the second challenge, but I heard that there were 3 contests in all, all of which were handily won by the Yellow Team, thanks to their superior fighting prowess and teleporting mystic. It was a fun challenge in all, and good to see the clan competition brought back again.

Neko No Kessha has a full report on their blog.

Fordi, day 86 of Autumn, 576

dunilsar dun'ilsar

Looks like the fine folks over at Neko No Kessha are working on reviving the Dun’ilsar inter-clan competition, with a V.I.A. (Very Important Agratis) challenge to be held less than a zodiac from today. The object of the contest is for each competing clan to protect an Agratis placed under their care, while simultaneously trying to take out the Agratis of other clans.

Dun’ilsar is a long held tradition among sylvan clans, who have competed fiercely for hundreds of years for the title of Dun’ilsar champion. The competition was first brought to Puddleby by my clan E’las Loth’mon Ferindril, but has largely remained dormant over the past few years. It’s exciting to see the contest being brought to life once more.

The last V.I.A. competition didn’t go too well for my clan, but I know the strategies that were successful during the last challenge, so that may put me at somewhat of an advantage this time around. I’ll definitely have to rouse some of my clanmates, and give this latest contest a go.

Scouting Thieve's Island Dun'ilsar

Pre-contest Preparation

For more information about the upcoming challenge, see the official contest thread on the Clan Lord Sentinel.

Neko no Kessha sponsored the “Very Important Agatis” Dun’ilsar challenge today, and ELF put on a good showing. For the contest, each clan had to choose an Agratis to keep them alive in the Badlands, while trying to take down the other clans’ Agratis. The last Agratis standing would be the winner.
Four clanmembers showed up for the contest: Fleming, Kor’gah, Yazza, and myself. It was decided that I would play the role of the Agratis, with Kor’gah and Yazza serving as envoys, and Fleming working to kill the opposing teams’ Agratis. For our strategy, we decided to just hide out behind a large pile of rocks that Fleming had discovered earlier, and this strategy ended up working surprisingly well.

By lying silent, I was able to hide behind the rocks undiscovered for most of the contest, even when other exiles passed through the snell. However, hiding became much more difficult as more and more of the other Agratis were eliminated, and I was finally found by the pesky pirate Relkin, who used his ranger powers to outrun me and take me down.
At the close of the contest, we ended up coming in 4th out of nine clans, behind WoD(who won the contest with a single Agratis!), NnK, and the House of Swech. It was a very exciting contest, and I hope that the others who participated will share their accounts as well.
(I made a visionstone of the contest, but it’s rather dull as I just spend the whole time hiding, but if you want to watch it, you can download it here)