Alliance Castle Open!

Posted on February 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Sombdi, day 23 of Spring, 578

After years (decades?) of construction, the Alliance Castle is finally open! Built on the old location of Baron Vonkessi’s Keep (which was burned down by the Fenix), the Castle is quite an impressive sight, with its collection of towers, gates, and battlements.

The building is quite sparse, though, consisting mostly of empty rooms and cavernous hallways. I’m not sure what the castle could be used for, though it could make a good place to hide out during the next Darshak invasion.

The security could use some work, though– currently the castle defenses consist of a shallow moat, a grumpy sylvan, and a lone archer. Cassia Allin’s probably going to want to hire more help, especially with all the suspicious figures running around.

Alliance Castle Tower

View from above

Alliance Castle Posing Lundar

Posing atop the Alliance Castle

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