Battle of the Boats

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Day 82, Year 546 of the Ascendancy

Today there was a massive Darshak Invasion– but it never managed to
reach Puddleby. The invasion forces were first sighted by the
Apprentice Mystic Aravir, when he spotted a Darshak Warship enroute to
Puddleby, and it was soon intercepted by exiles intent on foiling the

The Darshak sent out their forces as well, and
hundreds of Darshak in rowboats poured out of Ash Island, to aid their
Warship. Wave after wave of rowboats appeared from Ash Island, and we
forced to retreat to Centaur Island several times, but in the end we
were able to sink the warship.

Afterwards, we headed to Ash Island to give the
Darshak a taste of their own medicine. However, the isle was teeming
with “elite” Darshak, and we had to retreat several times before we
could defeat the Darshak.

The battle culminated in the Darshak Horde, where
we set up a fort in the south-east corner, and slowly whittled down the
Darshak. The Darshak did not stand a chance against our persistance.

One strange thing about the Invasion, were the strange gouts of steam that appeared over the ocean during the Invasion:

No ether readings were taken at the time of the
Invasion, but I suspect that the smoke may have been caused by
fluctuations in the ether.

Perhaps the Darshak were not intending to invade
Puddleby at all, but were investigating the strange smoke. Or perhaps
they were the cause of it. I heard one exile mention that similar smoke
had been seen during a previous Darshak Invasion as well.

Certainly, this is a troubling mystery.

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