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Day 99, Year 546 of the Ascendancy

Once again my purse has been deflated to a pitiful state, flopping
about at my side without its usual comforting ‘clink’. It’s true that
as a Mystic I am no stranger to poverty, but I swear there must be a
hole in my purse, at the rate at which my coins are disapearing. A very
large hole indeed.

Granted, I am not completely without income– I
still manage to scrape together a few coins from furs, and I often get
generous donations for opening illusions for wealthy exiles. However,
between my bad gambling habit, and expensive mystic research, my
coppers don’t stand a chance.

I am not without a plan though. One of the latest
crazes to hit Puddleby are the raffles which are held in the Auction
House every week. It seems that even trivial items sometimes go for
good prices there, and I’ve a few ideas which might just win me some

My first idea so far has been a flop though. I
tried raffling a bunch of bitter berries that I found on Devil’s
Island, and received no raffle tickets for it at all! I guess people
don’t understand the value of an item that allows one to fall at will.
Or maybe its resemblance to bramble berries turned off buyers. I’ve got
other ideas though.

In other news, I’ve heard that a non-PM party has
recently navigated Umbrion’s Zodiac Maze successfully and acquired an
Ethereal Helemt. This party was, to my knowledge, the first non-PM
party to do so.

Apparently the Ethereal Helmet is an item which
boosts the mental energy of its wearer. Definately an item of interest
to mystics, even if it only lasts for a 24 hour period. Now we have the
knowledge to acquire 3 of the 6 Ethereal items.

Three down, three to go!

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