Rest and Relaxation

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Day 76, Year 546 of the Ascendancy

Well, as most exiles know by now, Loombir’s bath house is now complete
and open for business. Now exiles have a place where they can go to
relax and refresh themselves between adventures. The only downside to
this, is that towel-whipping has now become one of the most popular
sports in Puddleby.

The bath house seems to be enjoying an enormous
popularity, at least for now, and even aquaphobic Fen’Nekos are giving
it a try. The bath house has several large, adjustable baths, as well
as free massages and a fine assortment of alcoholic beverages.

The only complaint seems to be that the barman does not serve any fishoil, and that’s fine as far as I’m concerned.

Anyway, after partaking in the many pleasures of
the bath house, I set out to Ash Island with a group of exiles, to pay
a visit to the Scaramis Pen. We cleared out the Scaramis pretty
quickly, and even the Queen’s Chamber was of little challenge, once we
had set up our kudzu wall.

After the Scaramis Lair, we navigated Cimmbrion’s
Zodiac maze to reach the Ethereal Plane. There were a lot of powerful
undine inside the Zodiac Circle, but we managed to defeat them easily.
I even got the honor of opening the Ethereal Box, which contains a
rank’s worth of exp and a pair of Ethereal boots which allow you to run

Afterwards, we returned to town for a quick break.
I then joined a party that was headed to the Dal’Noth Underground, to
search for the Dark Bubbling. To our disapointment, however, we were
unable to find anything new in the caverns beneath Dal’Noth Isle.

All in all it was quite an exciting day of exploration and adventure.

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