War of the Words

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Day 64, Year 546 of the Ascendancy

Today a great battle was fought in the Bard’s Field. The two clans,
E’las Loth’mon Ferindril and Rising Claw, clashed in the Field of Bards
today, in a great competition.

However, this battle was not fought with swords and axes. Instead; words, wit, poetry, and music were the weapons of the day.

This was the Dun’ilsar competition, a great sylvan tradition in which clans vie for glory and honor.

This time, the clan ELF challenged the current
Dun’ilsar champions, Rising Claw, to a most interesting contest.
Instead of the usual race or Arena battle, ELF challenged RC to come up
with creative names, stories, and poetry to help with their Arboretum project.

The turnout was great from both clans, and members
from each clan took turns reciting poetry and telling stories in front
of the judges, and a large audience.

At the end of the day, the verdict of the judges
was very close, but it was Rising Claw who walked away with the title
of Dun’ilsar.

I’ve created several Vision Stones of the event, which show members from each of the clans presenting their stories and poetry:

RC1 – Zenna ELF1 – Lundar
RC2 – Malloc ELF2 – Vequalir
RC3 – Zenna ELF3 – Fleming
RC4 – Drax ELF4 – Nephilim
RC5 – Odesseus ELF5 – Lundar
RC6 – Sareth ELF6 – Fleming
RC7 – Kodo ELF7 – Nephilim
All Performances

Sareth has also created a Vision Stone of the event, which can be found here.

Congratulations to both clans! The competition was very close and exciting. Tav’riel ferindril! For the glory of all clans!

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