Trouble in Hatred's Hollow

Posted on February 16, 2002 in Uncategorized

Day 48, Year 545 of the Ascendancy

Today I got to attend another LIFE expedition, but as yi can see from
the sketch, it was a failure. At first though, things didn’t look so
bad. We met in the meadow around 10 am this morning, then headed to OC
after waiting for stragglers. We then traveled through Snaggle Wood,
and regrouped in Bones. Once we were all organized into our squads, we
headed into Hatred’s Hollow, which we traveled through easily.

However, problems started arising once we hit the
Orga Outback. Several of our party members got separated from the group
multiple times, which forced us to double back and rescue our comrades,
which can be quite time consuming in the deadly and maze-like Snaggle
Wood. We even had to pay a visit to the Orga Village to rescue some
fallen exiles. Afterwards, we managed to make it to the DP tree, but
just as were about to let out a collective sigh of relief, we realized
we had lost one of our members in OOB. A small rescue party was sent to
retrieve the fallen exile, but they too fell, and in turn had to be
rescued by another rescue party.

Finally, we were ready to tackle the challenges of
the Dred Passage, and we were met by Cronos and Yor, who were waiting
for us in the DP tree. After several fighter runs, the Dred Passage was
declared clear enough to traverse, and we broke up into two squads, and
made an attempt to reach the Foothills. However, things did not go well
for us. The northern squad, which consisted mostly of healers, was
unable to cope with the lightning, and fell. The southern squad fared a
little better, and we actually made it to the exit of DP. However, as
fate would have it, we were unable to open the path that led to the

At first I tried to open the path, then I tried
pushing the fallen Entil’Zha, and Kestral and Olmy also gave the path a
try, but to no avail. Finally, the mystic Fanan was able to open the
path, but by then it was already too late, as all of the chainers and
healers in our party were down. Three fighters managed to make it to
the Foothills, but with no healers they didn’t stand a chance at
rescuing us.

Now I lie fallen in the Orga Village, awaiting a
rescue party. Those who made it to the Foothills have either departed,
or have left the Foothills for OOB, and are also waiting for the rescue
party. I hear that Gurgi is planning another expedition to the
Foothills tomorrow, which I also plan to attend. Hopefully Gurgi’s
expedition will be more successful than the one we had today. It has
been a while since I’ve last visited the Foothills, and I am excited to
see if there have been any changes to the area since I last set foot

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