Scarmis Hunt

Posted on February 15, 2002 in Uncategorized

Day 44, Year 545 of the Ascendancy

My studies have been very busy lately, and I haven’t been able to come
out of the library at all for the past few moons, except for a few
short breaks to get fresh air. As such, the new year passed me by
without much incident. However, I finally got to take a much needed
break from my studies today, and visited the Scaramis Pen with a small
party. We entered the lair of Scaramis on Ash Island, and hunted the
powerful Scaramis. In the main chamber we mainly fought Scaramis
Foragers and Attendants, and the occaisional Larva. After we cleared
out the main tunnels, we headed for the Queen’s Chamber. In the QC we
set up a wall of kudzu, and slowly battled the Scaramis. After we had
cleared the QC, we decided to visit the Ethereal.

To get to the Etereal though, we first had to go
through Cimmbrion’s maze. The maze is a cartographer’s nightmare with
random teleporters and pf paths strewn about all over the place. There
are statues of the zodiac signs placed about the maze, which leads
inside the Scaramis Pen to Cimmbrion’s Keep, and there is also rumored
to be an ether trainer hidden somewhere within the maze. We wandered
through the maze a while, getting lost a couple times, before we were
finally able to locate the zodiac symbol.

However, at this point we had lost many of our
healers, and we decided that exploring the Ethereal Plane would be too
risky, so we decided to turn back. Ah well. Perhaps next time we will
be able to visit the plane. There is supposedly a pair of Ethereal
Boots to be found there, that give the user a rank of experience, and
also allow them to run faster than normally possible. That certainly
sounds exciting. For now though, my attention is foccused on the two
Foothills expeditions which a coming up soon. My hope is that we can
find Trillbane and the Orga Stronghold, which we have been searching
for so long. We shall see.

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