Meeting with Melabrion

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Day 357, Year 544 of the Ascendancy

The mumbling wizard Melabrion appeared in Tenebrion’s Keep today,
complaining that something had been stolen from him and his brothers.
Melabrion refused to tell us what exactly had been stolen from him,
telling us only that the thieves would know who they are. The whole
conversation was rather confusing because Melabrion only spoke to us in
Dwarven, and what he said had to be translated to us by the Dwarves who
were present. Why a sylvan like Melabrion would want to speak Dwarven
all the time is beyond me. Truly, he is an odd wizard. He also showed a
lot of interest in Blood Magic, which the dwarf Henryk happily
demonstrated for him.

After Melabrion left, a bunch of us entered the
portal in Tenebrion’s conference room, and explored the Ethereal Tower.
The Tower consists of six levels, each with a different theme. Each of
the levels is very different, and some of them are very deadly.
However, each of the levels has a mystic illusion which leads to a
small library, and a portal which leads to the basements of each of the
six ‘Brion brothers’ keeps. The basements all share similar
characteristics: a series of crystals organized in the form of the
constellation Sororian, and an illusion that leads to the Kyuem room,
which contains a Kyuem.

A Kyuem, as can be seen in the picture above,
consists of three slabs of rock, topped with a Kyuem power stone. No
one knows for sure what purpose these strange devices serve, but it is
generally thought that the Kyuem are used to absorb ether. There are
also rumors that some exiles have found pieces of the Kyuem, though
none have yet to put together an entire Kyuem. If the devices really do
absorb ether, though, they could be invaluable to Puddleby, as they
could be placed in Purgatory to absorb all the ether that slips into
the plane. This will definately be something that our ether experts
need to look into.

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