Foothills Failure

Posted on February 2, 2002 in Uncategorized

Day 351, Year 544 of the Ascendancy

LIFE held an expedition to the Foothills today, but unfortunately it
ended in a failure. However, even though the group did not get to
explore the Foothills, we did learn a lot of valuable lessons. Today’s
meeting had a rather small showing of members, at 27, but our group was
still confident that we could make it to the Foothills. We traveled
through Hatred’s Hollow and the Orga Outback with ease, until we
reached the Dred Passage. Here, the group tried out one of Yor’s new
strategies, which basically involves the group breaking up into two
sections, and running for the Foothills. Our group was very organized,
and this approach worked very well, and most of our group managed to
make it to the Foothills, except for two of our members fell inside DP.

Those of us who made it to the Foothills regrouped
in Katpus’ Cave, and headed back to the Dred Passage, confident that
our strategy would work this time. Our group entered the Dred Passage
for the second time, and it looked as if we would be able to pull it
off with no casualties this time. However, the group encountered a
large obstace in the form of an Orga Fury, who blocked the entrance to
one of the pf paths. A few people managed to make it through the path,
but the fury barred the way for the rest of the party. Several of our
members of our party soon fell to the fury, which created an even
larger obstacle for us to go around. With our only exit blocked by the
fury, we were all but helpless, and we were picked off one by one by
the lightning. Soon, we were all fallen.

After that, most of us departed, or were
teleported to the Orga Village to be rescued by a rescue party. The
expedition was a failure, but we learned some valuable lessons. Now we
know how to execute our plan successfully, and will be careful to avoid
luring BROs in front of the pf paths on our next expedition. I am
confident that we will all be able to make it to the Foothills on our
next raid.

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