Ratticus Invasion

Posted on February 1, 2002 in Uncategorized

Day 349, Year 544 of the Ascendancy

Today the journeyman Rincewind managed to cause quite a stir in town
when he stole a rather aromatic piece of cheese from Chef Haricot, and
tied it onto the tail of the unsuspecting Tigger. Not only did this act
foul up the air for several hours, but it also managed to summon every
single rat in Puddleby to town center. The cheese didn’t just draw
normal rats, either. The powerful scent of the cheese also drew large
numbers of Ratticus and Dirty Rats, which caused quite a bit of trouble
for the inhabitants of Puddleby. The battle raged on for a very long
time, and for several hours the only sound that could be heard in town
was the squeaking of rats.

Finally, however, after hours of prolonged battle,
we were able to turn back the tide of the fearsome rats. Some good even
came out of the event, as Haricot added a new item to his menu at a
discounted price: Ratticus Soup. However, after most of the rats in
town had been defeated, a rather intelligent rat that went by the name
of “.” came to town, and followed Tigger around wherever he went.
Tigger was only able to rid of himself of the rat when he jumped into a
pool of water, and rid himself of the foul cheese smell. Town center
was finally rid of the foul rat infestation. So next time yi’re in
town, please keep in mind the moral of this story: Don’t mess with
Haricot’s cheese.

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