Chaos Storm 216

Posted on January 26, 2002 in Uncategorized

Day 320, Year 544 of the Ascendancy

Oof! I’ve been quite busy with my studies over the past few months, and
I haven’t been able to participate in anything worth writing about at
all. However, the 216th Chaos Storm has rolled over the lands while I
was in the library, and it has brought a few changes to the isles. The
most noticeable of course is the Hall of Chivalry, which has finally
been completed. I also hear that the Scaramis nests on Ash Island have
been expanded greatly, though I’ve yet to have a chance to visit them

As for me, I’ve been mostly studying in the
library, studying the art of mind casting. During my free time I have
been working on a bunch of new and informative scrolls, so expect a few
renovations of Lundar’s Library in the upcomming months. I’ve also
managed to obtain a pinch of catsbane for myself(at a ridiculous price)
and am now in the arduous process of saving up for a Phantasmonomicon.
The tome costs 10,000 coins though, so I expect that this is going to
take a while.

Finally, the other day I witnessed a decidedly odd
event going on in town. The “conjurer” duo Merlisk and Wangah Rah were
raising up a ruckus in town square, trying to get people to chant with
them. The two lunatics claimed that the chanting was to summon some
cats to town, to kill off all the rats. Now, if yi ask me, we have more
than enough cats in town already, but the two managed to convince a few
gullible exiles into chanting with them. The chanting went on for 30
minutes or so, and a few cats did eventually show up(possibly annoyed
by the chanting), but none of the felines were interested in slaying
rats. However, for a short time afterward, all of the rats in town
began to meow like cats, which was slightly disturbing.

Otherwise, the summoners’ chanting was harmless,
and no hostile creatures appeared in town(as I have heard appeared in
the past). This incident certainly proves, though, that Merlisk and
Wangah Rah are capable of casting some form of magic, even if it isn’t
exactly “summoning.” I’m not sure what to make of all this, but as long
as they don’t start making *us* start meowing, I see their activities
as relatively harmless.

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