Foothills Expedition

Posted on February 17, 2002 in Uncategorized

Day 52, Year 545 of the Ascendancy


Today Gurgi led an expedition to the Foothills, and as usually happens
with Gurgi’s raids, there was a huge turnout. More than 50 exiles met
up in the meadow, and together we headed to the Foothills. Of course,
with such such a large group places like Snaggy and Hatred’s Hollow was
a breeze. We even managed to make it through OOB to the Dred Passage
without losing a single member of our party. However, as we attempted
to clear the monsters out of Dred Passage, we found ourselves caught in
a time warp( ooc: a server crash ) and when we came to our senses, we
found that we were back in town again, and had to make the journey once
more. The second journeu to DP was not as smooth as the first, but we
still made excellent time.

Once inside the Dred Passage, several fighter
raids were made to clear the area surrounding the entrance, before the
entire party went in. Our group easily dealt with the orga and their
lightning, and had cleared out the Dred Passage in no time. We stepped
through the path, where just 4 days ago LIFE had been massacred, and
entered the Northeastern Foothills.

Being in the Foothills again was exciting for
everybody, as nobody had visited the area in months. Traveling through
the tight passes was a bit of a challenge, though, and we created one
heck of a traffic jam. However, we still managed to travel through the
passes with little incident, and though we had some trouble opening
paths, we made it into the Camp Dred. After taking a brief break, our
party headed into the Dred Wood. Our destination was the Malachite
Lair, where we hoped to look for new paths, and the enigmatic
Trillbane. Our large party traveled through the Dred Wood with ease,
and were hardly phased by the powerful ‘Noids in the Malachite Lair.

After clearing out the cavern, our pathfinders
spread out, and set about looking for any hidden pf paths. I helped to
look for paths as well, and also kept my eye out for any mystic
illusions. However, all our searching came to no avail, and we were
unable to locate any new passages. We left the Lair a little
discouraged; and after taking a quick look around the Dred Wood, our
party left to return to Puddleby. It is rather disapointing that we
were unable to find anything new, but it was still exciting to be in
the Foothills again. I am sure one of these days we will be able to
find Trillbane, and the fabled Orga Stronghold.

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