New Plateau Discovered in Passes

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Day 148, Year 538 of the Ascendancy

The last Chaos Storm had definitely been a quiet one. There seemed to
be little new in the lands, and there hadn’t been any new areas or
places to be discovered. In fact, there was even less to explore than
before, for the T’rool Mines that had opened up last storm, had closed
again in this one. There was nothing new at all… or so I thought.
Today, as I stepped out of the library, I sensed my friend Firebird
falling to a small rock. I quickly took out my skristal, and began
searching for my clan mate. The only thing that my search yielded, was
that Firebird was somewhere east, and badly fallen. So I returned my
skristal to my pack, and my search was begun.

The only logical place to me, that Firebird would be fallen, was the
passes. The passes are filled with many dangerous creatures such as
Greymyr and Wendeka, and it would have been easy for my friend to fall.
I decided to search the southern passes first, and then work my way up.
However, as I made my way to the passes, a sunstone message changed my
destination. It seemed a small party had been present with Firebird,
and now they were sunstoning for help. The location they gave of
Firebird, was that he was fallen in a new area in north pass. I was
quite excited, and rushed my way to the north pass. There, I ran
stealthily, dodging Wendeka and Blood Hawks, and looked around for
anything that might lead me to this new area.

Finally, I spotted a plateau high in the mountains, on what at first
appeared to be an unscalable cliff. However, further inspection
revealed a small path among the rocks, and I slowly made my way up the


By the time I had reached the top, I was quite tired. I quickly began
searching for Firebird, but soon found that he was alive and well,
along with six other exiles. The party had been exploring the plateau
for quite a while, and had found nothing special about it. As a mystic
and pathfinder, I was asked to search the mesa for anything out of the
ordinary, which I did, with pleasure. The entire plateau was empty; all
I could yield from my search was rocks, weeds, and dust. The plateau
was berefet of even beasts such as Wendeka and Blood Hawks, that
plagued the rest of the passes. The place seemed completely safe, but I
soon learned different.

As I was exploring the plateau, a pair of Blood Hawks swooped out of
the air, and began to attack me. I ran swiftly southwards, where the
rest of the party helped to do away with the birds. That was when two
boulders flew over the cliff face, and struck Firebird into the ground.
Others quickly followed. The boulders were being thrown by the Greymyr,
for the plateau overlooked the Greymyr Village. Our two other healers,
WormTounge and Kartan still lived, but they could not heal Firebird,
for he was too badly fallen. Luckily for him, the healer Lorikeet soon
arrived, and Firebird was back on his feet in no time.

Rescued by Lorikeet

Thus ended the exploration of the yet to be named plateau. Firebird
suggested naming it the Pointless Pass; a name that does seem to fit
this strange and deadly area. But is this place just an ordinary
plateau, or does it hold some darker, more sinister secrets?

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