Styling in Black

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Day 146, Year 538 of the Ascendancy

I’d been on a lot of Dal’Noth hunts in the past
few weeks, and my purse was beginning to show it. I now had more than
500 coppers stuffed into my poor old money bag, and it was time to get
rid of it. This time, I wasn’t going to waste it all on anything as
stupid as gambling. Oh no, this time I was going to get myself some
skin dye! I had my eyes set on the grey and black skin dyes. The black
skin dye cost a whooping 600 coins, but it went quite well with my
current outfit. The grey was a little cheaper, at 450 coins, but went
better with white shoes, which would cost an additional 200 coppers. In
either case, I was still a couple hundred coins short. Luckily, I had a
red healing potion on me, which I managed to sell to the ‘Zo Natas for
300 coins(plus I threw in a green token). After pocketing the money, I
rushed to the dye shop, settled on the black skin dye, and in no time,
I was stylin.

Posing With New Dye

Afterwards, I was standing around town, feeling
cool, when the sylvan Noa came up to me, and asked me to make her a
hopeful of E’las Loth’mon Ferindril. I felt honored, but at a bit of a
loss, for I was not certain of the exact procedures. However, Noa was
definately a worthy sylvan, and she had even been an ELF member before
the Forgetting, so I took her to the clan registration offices, to get
her inducted. The customary ceremonies were held, and Noa became a
hopeful of E’las Loth’mon Ferindril.

Noa the Hopeful

Afterwards, Noa threw off her robes, and revealed herself to the world, as a sylvan. Tav’riel Ferindril!

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