Increased Orga Activity

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Day 156, Year 538 of the Ascendancy

The orga seem to grow more restless everyday; perhaps due to our
constant raids into their foul camp, or perhaps because they think now
to be an opportune time to attack Puddleby. Whatever their reasons, the
orga are definitely one of Puddleby’s greatest threats. Today, as I
stepped out of the library, I heard cries for help over the sunstone.
An army of orga were parading outside of their camp, and already,
several parties of exiles had been felled by them. I quickly rushed
myself to the Tangle Wood, to see what I could do to help. I was
quickly felled.

Outside of the Orga Camp stood a legion of orga. Orga of all shapes,
colors, and sizes milled about, felling any and all exiles that got in
their way. Particularly nasty, were the Orga Frenzies, whom no exile
could even come close to harming. The body count soon surpassed twenty,
and things began to look pretty grim. Soon, however, reinforcements, in
the form of several powerful healers, and the one man army Gurgi,
arrived, and the orga were cut down. The orga were no match for the
halfling Gurgi; even the Frenzies could lay not a finger on him. Soon,
the rest of us were on our feet, helping to cut back the orga. After
clearing out the forest, we took the battle to the Orga Camp itself,
going as far in as OC2, before being pushed back.

The Orga Wrath

We were lucky this time, in that Gurgi was there to rescue our poor
fallen bodies, but what if next time, Gurgi is unable to help? Or worse
still, what if we meet an opponent who is too strong, even for Gurgi to
handle? Clearly, we must keep these orga in check, before they grow out
of hand!

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