Orga Hunt

Posted on July 9, 2000 in Uncategorized

Day 167, Year 538 of the Ascendancy

Today was my clan’s monthly meeting, which I missed again(*sigh*), but
I did manage to make it to our clan hunt. Our hunting spot today was
the Snaggle Wood, and everything went well, for a while. There was a
nice variety of orga in Snaggy, and we encountered almost no resistance
at all. It seemed as if the hunt would end uneventfully, with none of
the trouble usually attributed to an ELF hunt. No such luck.

As we navigated the maze-like Snaggle Wood, several Orga Furies
appeared, and decided to crash our party. Soon, several Rages, Zerks,
and Shamen joined in on the action, and we soon found ourselves trapped
in a corner, desperately fighting against impossible odds. Of course I
was one of the first to fall, but our fighters fought valiantly,
felling several of the large orga; but for every orga that was felled,
it seemed two more orga joined in the fray. The struggle lasted for
quite a while, and things looked pretty hopeless at times; at one
point, all of our fighters were fallen, with only our healers left
standing to carry out the fight. Gradually, however, the healers raised
some of our fallen comrades, while using the rest of us as human
shields, and we were soon on our way to victory.

In Snaggy

We quickly dispatched the rest of the orga, and explored the rest of
the Snaggle Wood, rescuing several other hunting parties in the
process. After clearing out Snaggy, the hunt was called to an end, and
most of my clan mates returned to the library to study. I, however,
remained in the Orga Camp to help with a raid on OC 4. By the time I
joined in, the party was already well established, and the exiles had
already taken OC 2, and were beginning to work on OC 3. We gradually
lured most of the Warlocks out of OC 3, and took the camp in one fell
swoop. We then attempted to take over OC 4, but as usual, the camp was
a mess, and we lacked the man-power necessary to take it.

In OC 3

As we turned back from OC 4 disapointed, we were ambushed by a large
band of orga in OC 2, and massacred. Only a few exiles were able to
make it out of OC 2 alive, and the rest of us were left to stare at the
sky, and contemplate our fates. Eventually, however, the few who did
manage to escape formed a rescue party, and we were soon back on our
feet, cutting down orga. Whew, way too much orga for one day!

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