Wedding of Slinky & Kartan

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Day 176, Year 538 of the Ascendancy

Today the hybrid fen’neko Slinky, and the lovely
sylvan Kartan, were wed together in the Temple of Falinea. Here is a
brief log of some of the proceedings:

Slyph: “Friends, as a circle stands for Life, let us form a circle
ourselves, around these two… as exiles thrown upon a violent shore,
we reach to each other in times of sorrow and pain. And in times of
joy. I have walked this land for four years now and have watched Slinky
patiently wait for his joy… Kartan. Kartan and Slinky have come
together today to marry, one bright, gleaming day among many that
aren’t quite so happy… in defiance, they join.”

(Slyph unfolds a small red ribbon)

Slyph: “Kartan, do you take this fen’neko? To have and to hold and kiss and hug etc?”

Kartan: “I do”

Slyph: “And Slinky, do you take Kartan, simply because you’d be a fool not to? To love her always?”

Slinky: “I do.”

Slyph: “Join hands then..”

(Slyph softly entwines the ribbon about paw and hand)

Slyph: “I am the Foxweir Knight. In this garden hear me now- they are married.”

Slinky's Wedding

After the proceedings went off without a hitch(well almost), we all
went to the wedding chapel, and Slinky and Kartan received their
marriage license. There was much celebration afterwards, and three kegs
of beer were brought to the chapel for consumption. We all became
merrily drunk, and we had a real fun time. Beeeer!!!… I mean Grudos!!!! to Slinky and Kartan on their wedding!

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