Meeting with an Old Friend

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Day 136, Year 538 of the Ascendancy

Today I got to help out in a rescue in the passes
for the dwarf Norm. Norm has helped me out countless times(I am getting
to know his chain quite well) and it was quite a pleasure returning the
favor. After the rescue, we all went on a short hunt through the
passes, and helped out in a rescue in the Tangle Wood. By the time I
got to town, I was quite pooped. However, my fatigue soon melted out of
me, when I chanced upon the face of the Apprentice Mystic Eros. I was
quite elated, for I had not seen Eros in over a year. We had been
Apprentices together since before the Forgetting, and I soon found
myself in the tavern(together with the Fen Slinky), listening to her
tale over a cold mug of beer.

Eros tells her Tale

After listening to her fascinating tale(which
consisted of strange dreams and Dryads), we retired ourselves to the
Mystic Academy, to reminisce over old times. Afterwards, Eros even
offered me a bone she had picked up, for use as a Bone Flute. As it
turned out(as it usually is) the bone was not of the superior quality
that Hendrux required, but I feel forever indebted to Eros for the
generous offer she made me. Let me here give a fond “H’loi!” out to
Eros, for her return to the lands of exile.

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