ELF Hunt on Noth

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Day 138, Year 538 of the Ascendancy

Well, today was my clan’s monthly clan meeting,
and we had one of our larger turnouts. After discussing some ship
building issues with the ship builder Kixus Everride, it was decided
that we would hunt on Dal’Noth Isle. We paddled our way to Dal’Noth
Isle, and from there swept eastward along the southern beaches,
avoiding the narrow passes that could leave us trapped. It was one of
our more successful hunts in that no one ended up departing, and we
made quite a few coins from ‘Noth bounties.

Dal'Noth Hunt

Anyhow, after making one cycle around the isle, we
all stood again at the south-western tip of Dal’Noth Isle. It was there
that we heard some distressing news from town; hordes of Myrm were
sweeping through the northern farms, led by a powerful new type of
Myrm, known only as the Elite Myrm. Upon hearing this news, Fleming
officially ended our clan hunt, and we all rushed into our rowboats,
and paddled towards Puddleby. By the time we reached the northern farms
of Puddleby, most of the Myrm had been dispatched. At that point, it
was decided unanimously that we retaliate against the Myrm, and we
charged into the Myrm Hive as one.

Inside the Myrm Hive, chaos reigned. Hundreds of
Myrm milled about, and at the sight of the charging exiles, they
attacked fearlessly. Soon, skirmishes were taking place all over the
Hive, and the Hive was bustling with more activity than had been seen
since before the Great Forgetting. The exiles slowly pushed the Myrm
forces back, laboriously working towards the Queen Chamber. Myrm
Warriors and Protectors appeared at every turn, and even the workers
tried to deter the flow of exiles. It was not to be. We pushed past the
onslaught of Myrm, and broke into the very Queen Chamber itself.

Within the Hive

Within the Queen Chamber, the Myrm nobility
battled hopelessly against the wave of exiles, gradually falling one by
one, until even the Queen herself lay at the feet of us exiles. It was
then that a sudden outpour of Myrm Warriors arrived, too late to save
their Queen, but happy just to take revenge on us exiles. Before the
sudden wave of Myrm, I stood no chance, and I soon lay among the broken
carapices of the Myrm nobility.

Luckily, many of Puddleby’s most powerful exiles
were present there in the Hive that day, and it was only a matter of
time before the rest of the Myrm went the way of their Queen. I am
quite sure that the Myrm won’t be trying to invaded Puddleby again,
anytime soon. After the invasion, I took a brief respite within the
Academy, before I was invited on another Dal hunt by the Order of the
White Elpehant. It was another very successful hunt on the Dal’Noth
Isle, and I went home happy, with my purse filled to the brim with
coppers. (Check out a Vision Stone of the Myrm Invasion.)

OWE Hunt on Dal'Noth Isle

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