Qual Taunts Exiles

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Day 126, Year 538 of the Ascendancy

Qual the Wizard. Now there’s a name that you hear
more and more often every day. Whenever Qual gets involved with
something, people tend to end up dead. Today was no exception. I was
wandering through the forests today when I heard a deep, rasping voice
ring through my head. It was the voice of Qual! Qual was taunting us
exiles again, as frequently he likes to do. However, this time we were
not about to take these insults like a bunch of passive sheep. A small
party was assembled, and we all headed to Dal’Noth Isle. After battling
the horrid currents of the ocean, we landed on the shores of Dal’Noth
Isle, and proceeded to cut down any who stood in our way.

Dal'Noth Party

At first, things went very well. ‘Noths fell
before for us like rotten trees, and we made
our way to the Dal’Noth Town in no time. Even the Town provided little
challenge for us, and it seemed as if we would actually make it off the
Isle alive. That’s when the Vel’Noths arrived. Ten or so Vel’Noths
materialized out of nowhere, followed closely by Qual’s maniacal
laughter. Before the minions of Qual, our party stood little chance.

Val'Noth spawn

One by one our party fell, until soon we were all
dead. We did eventually get rescued, but it took over eight hours, and
by then, many of us had departed. I myself did get rescued,
though I somehow managed to get separated from my party, and ended up
departing anyway. It seems that I am departing more and more often
lately, and I reminisce fondly back to before the Forgetting, when I
departed not a single time. For now, I find comfort in the old saying:
“Show me a man who has never departed, and I will show you a man who
has never lived.”

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