New Paths Discovered in Foothills

Posted on November 19, 2001 in Uncategorized

Day 41, Year 544 of the Ascendancy

Exciting news! Three new paths have been discovered today by members of
LIFE in the North Eastern Foothills. Though I was unable to attend this
expedition because of my studies, there is currently a party camped out
in the Foothills even as I write this. Even more interestingly, the
party is camped out by this path( affectionately known as “Kestral’s
Path” or “KP” ) with none other than Pogue Mahone and Friends!

The path was discovered earlier today by the
pathfinders of LIFE. What the party found after Sor opened KP, was a
serries of caverns, along with two more pf paths! Thus far, no one in
the party has been able to open these two paths, but there is a strong
indication that they may lead beyond the Foothills. This possibility is
strengthened by the fact that there is a PMF party camped out by the
paths as well, though they too seem unable to open the paths as of yet.
The atmosphere of the camps has been described as “strained, but
non-violent” by the exiles who are currently based there. It looks as
if this may turn into a race between LIFE and PMF to see who can open
the paths first, and find their way to Trillbane’s Library.

UPDATE: Kiriel D’Sol has managed to open the northern path past the Foothills! Check out a vision stone at the Winds of Dawn scrolls!

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