Expedition Reaches Foothills

Posted on November 10, 2001 in Uncategorized

Day 8, Year 544 of the Ascendancy


Happy New Year all! Winter has returned once again
to Puddleby, and the days grow shorter and shorter. As a result, the
Lok’groton Islands Foundation for Exploration(LIFE) decided to take a
break from exploring Kizmia’s Isle(which can be very deadly at night)
and return once more to the Foothills. LIFE’s decision was also
influenced by the rumor that the clan Pogue Mahone had discovered a way
past the Foothills, and into the Orga Stronghold. Thus, a large party
was assembled in the Lily Pond, composed of both LIFE members and a
non-LIFE party led by Gurgi. We truly had a powerful party with us, and
it took us little more than hour to get from the Lily Pond, through the
Orga Outback and Dread Passage, to the Northeastern Foothills.

Once inside the Foothills, we split up into two
different parties. The LIFE party headed south towards the blocked
cavern, in hopes that the recent Chaos Storm might have cleared up some
of the rocks, while the party led by Gurgi headed north towards the Ash
Valley. However, after both parties encountered near-death situations,
the group rejoined once more, and headed to the blocked cavern
together. To our disapointment though, there was nothing changed with
the blocked cavern, or the mysterious shimmering pool. So, after taking
a quick break near the shimmering pool, we once more split up into two
parties, and explored the caverns. However, some of the people in
Gurgi’s party accidentally fell into the Ash Valley, and a massive
rescue attempt ensued. The whole rescue took more than four hours, but
we were successful in raising everybody, and returning to Katpus’ safe

Now we are all camped out in the safe cave, and
resting up from today’s adventures, and preparing for the further
exploration to come. We’ve thus far been unsuccessful in finding a way
past the Foothills, but I am confident that with the many powerful
minds that we have in our party, we will be able to solve this great

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