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Merdi, day 8 of Summer, 578

I’ve seen many strange invasions in the more than four decades I’ve lived in Puddleby (my, how time flies!), but none quite so strange as the one I saw today. Apparently, many forest creatures aren’t too happy with the new road to UoP that was built recently (and I can’t blame them– I’m not too thrilled with it either).

Anyway, the forest actually decided to do something about it, leading to Puddleby’s first kudzu invasion. The usual muddy streets of Puddleby were filled end to end with kudzu, making it nearly impossible to move. The kudzu were aided by patches of Corsica, which are especially deadly when you’re immobile, as well as Tree Giants and packs of foxweirs.

Eventually, the townsfolk were able to push the forest creatures back, and started clearing the road to UoP, which was completely covered in kudzu. I tagged along, planting a few seedlings along the way (they actually look rather nice on the side of the road).

Kudzu Road

Follow the kudzu-covered road

The invasion culminated in a big battle in front of the University, where exiles were finally able to overwhelm the forest. There were a few more waves of plants in town, and one kudzu even made some half-hearted attempts at negotiating with exiles, but eventually they ended up being smoked by the pirate, Stinkfist.

Jaqen Negotiates Kudzu

Jaqen: Kudzu Negotiator

So it looks like the ugly road to the University is here to stay. The only question that remains is: what are we going to do with all this mulch?

Kudzu Town Center Puddleby

The last of the kudzu invaders

One of the things which has impressed me most about the Puddleby community is the creativity that exiles have displayed through their use of webscrolls. I remember eagerly reading through dozens of scrolls when I was a new exile, and I was even inspired to create a scroll of my very own, nearly 40 puddle years ago.

Unfortunately, many of the scrolls that I grew up with are no longer available. Shelves have moved, scrolls have rotted and burned, and the scribes themselves have moved off to pursue other ventures. Much of Puddleby’s history and culture have been lost to the shifting sands of time.

This is why recently I have begun a project of recovering some of these lost scrolls. Thanks to the magic of, as well as personal copies of some of my favorite scrolls, I’ve been able to restore a number of older scrolls. These include the scrolls of well known exiles of the past, such as Sassy, Lilit, and Falinea, as well as other scribes who shared their stories, advice, and experiences in exile.

recovered clan lord sites

A full list of the scrolls can be found here. I hope you’ll find it a fun a nostalgic look into Puddleby’s past. And if you know of any scrolls that are missing, or have any on hand, please let me know, and I can add them to the list.

Last moon, instead of having a meeting, we visited the portal leading to the Boardwalk that appears in Puddleby roughly every four years. In addition to the usual games and facepaints, there was a stable for snail races and a new game called Spider Splat, which was amazingly addicting. With the help of Kani and Usagi, I was able to set a new record with a score of 24,514. Unfortunately, I barely had time to brag about it, before I was beaten out by another spider slayer. Oh well, at least it was fun while it lasted.

Sombdi, day 9 of Spring, 543

Today the Beautify Puddleby Project, started by clan E’las Loth’mon Ferindril, was finally completed, thanks to the help of Johnny Treeseed. Johnny appeared in town shortly before midnight, and quickly attracted an audience with his bag of magic seeds, which made trees grow wherever he planted them.

Johnny Treeseed Puddleby

Johnny Treeseed Info

Johnny asked us where we would like him to plant his trees, and Yazza and Dierdre helped direct him in planting plants all around Puddleby. Johnny even asked for our help at one point, and we helped Johnny out by planting some grass around town.

Helping Johnny Treeseed

Planting Grass Puddleby

Below are some more sketches from the seed planting:

Johnny Treeseed Planting a Seed pt.1

Johnny Treeseed Planting a Seed pt.2

Johnny Treeseed Planting a Seed pt.3

Johnny Treeseed Planting a Seed pt.4