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Scroll Restoration Project

Over the years, the exiles of Puddleby have created hundreds of webscrolls chronicling their lives and experiences in exile. Unfortunately, many of these scrolls have been lost to the ravages of time, taking with them a piece of Puddleby history and culture.

The Scroll Restoration Project is a personal project that I started to recover and preserve some of the earlier bits of Puddleby history, thanks to the magic of Archive.org, as well as my own personal records. So far I’ve managed to recover nearly a dozen scrolls (full list below), and am working on restoring many more. The restoration process is not perfect, and some of the images and pages have been lost, but I hope you find some value in these old webscrolls.

If you are the author of one of these scrolls, and would like to make changes to them, or even take them down for whatever reason, just contact me. Also, if you happen to have a few scrolls lying around, and would like to have them hosted on Puddleby.com, I would be happy to do that as well.

Please enjoy a nostalgic look at Puddleby’s past, and please let me know if you have any comments.

Recently Added: Rizal, Ananna, Mortag, Lydia, Thuja, Fala, Yorg, DPDF

List of Restored Scrolls

Bor’s Bits

The scrolls of Bor, a Healer of Clan Hunter who shares his advice on healing, fighting, and skinning.

Drawkcab Games

The page for Drawkcab Games, a series of drinking games and races.

Dred Passage Discovery Foundation

A non-profit organization founded to disburse the prize money for the discovery of the Dred Passage.

Fala’s Scrolls

The webscroll of the Rat Bastard Fala, and her sexy sylvan sister, Snow.

Firebird’s Chronicles

The scrolls of Firebird, a healer of E’las Loth’mon Ferindril, who shares some sketches of his adventures from before the Ripture War.

Grumpy Old Clanners

A scroll where the old man Grank and Hrok the purple Tor gripe about life in exile.

J’Team Is Here

The scrolls of healer sister duo with the unpronounceable names– J’jh and J’nder.

Lydia’s Place in Space

The scrolls of one of Puddleby’s earliest healers and artists, featuring her artwork.

Mortag’s Scrolls

The sketchbook and diary of the Fen fighter, Mortag.

Maldacht’s Sun Lord Page

A scroll where the scholar Maldacht shares his research into the God of the Sun and his followers.


The webscroll of Ananna, one of Puddleby’s earliest fighters, containing her artwork and sketches.

Rizal’s Scrapbook

The story and scrapbook of Rizal, a healer for ThoomCare.

Sanctuary of Lilit

The scrolls of the Lilit, the infamous leader of the Nox Sorora, who answers frequently asked questions about herself and her order.

Sassy’s Guide to Clan Lord

The scrolls of Sassy, once one of the most popular healers in the lands, who unfortunately was forced to leave due to harassment.

Speedier’s New Home

The homepage of Speedier, one of the earliest members of the Sun Dragon Clan.

Story of Falinea

A scroll where the story of Falinea, the winged centaur, are chronicled in detail.

Thuja’s House

Thuja’s webscroll, where she shares her sketches, visionstones, and history.

Vata Thoom’s Homepage

The scrolls of Vata, a thoomish healer of the clan Thoomcare, who shares some sketches of her adventures.

Yet Another Clan Lords Page

The webscroll of Notelrac and Llerendrel, detailing the history of their family as well as sketches from their adventures in Puddleby.

Yorg’s Smial

The webscroll and diary of Yorg, a halfling healer of the Hearts of Tan clan.

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