Dun'ilsar: ELF vs OWE

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Day 318, Year 548

The Dun’ilsar
is a traditional sylvan inter-clan competition, in which the clans
compete against each other for honor and glory. That sylvan tradition
was brought to Puddlbey by E’las Loth’mon Ferindril, and has since
become one of the most exciting and longest running contests in the

Dunilsar Icon

Today, my clan challenged the Order of the White Elephant to a
contest of skill, hoping to improve our ranking within the Dun’ilsar
ladder. For the contest we chose the Hunter
challenge, in which one member from each of the clans is designated the
“Hunter”, and is given 3 puddle hours to slay the greatest variety of
monsters possible. The rest of the clan members can either aid their
Hunter, or hinder the opposing team’s Hunter.

For the challenge we chose our Clan Lord Fleming to be our
Hunter, and the dwarf Charlos was chosen as the Hunter for OWE. Before
the start of the challenge, both of our clans gathered in the Puddleby
park and lined up to begin. Then, on the word of the dwarf Torin, the
contest was begun!

Contest Start
The contest begins!

The first destination for ELF was the Lily Pond, where we hoped to
find a large variety of critters. However, a number of members from OWE
followed us to LP in an effort to distract us.

Once we reached the Lily Pond, OWE set up a formidable wall of
pretzels and kudzu in the narrow entrance to the Pond. Thus, while our
Hunter Fleming was off hunting, the rest of us were furiously cutting
down kudzu, and eating our way through boxes of pretzels.

Pretzels & Zu
OWE sets up a Pretzel Wall

Lucikily, we were able to clear most of the fortifications by the
time Fleming was done in LP, foiling OWE’s plans. Having been
unsuccessful in their efforts to distract us, OWE ceased following us,
and returned to aid their own Hunter. Meanwhile, our clan made its way
to the Myrm Hive.

Hunting in the Hive soon proved to be disasterous. We soon
became split up in the twisted passages of the Hive, and several of my
clanmates became lost. Then, in the Queen’s Chamber, we lost all three
of our Fighters while fighting the the Queen Myrm, leaving only our
healers up.

Queen's Chamber
Trouble in the Hive

It took us quite a while to extricate ourselves from the mess, and
afterwards we struggled to make up for the lost time. We headed from
the Hive to the Bear Cave, then hit the River Tunnel and Wurm Cave.
From there we worked our way south through the beaches, and made a
quick stop at the Meshra Cave and Marsh.

Then, with 40 puddle minutes of the contest remaining, we made
our way to the West T’rool Mines. Most of us did not make it that far,
but Fleming managed to reach the T’rool mines by himself, and added a
number of T’rools, ‘Dews, and cave critters to our already long list of
slain monsters. Then the time ran out for the contest, and we returned
to park to tally up our counts.

Tallying up the kills for both of the Hunters proved to be a long and suspensful task, even with the aid of the helpful Scribia. Finally, after a series of very long minutes, Fleming announced the results: OWE 74, ELF 64. We had lost the Dun’ilsar.

Dun'ilsar Loss
OWE wins the Dun’ilsar contest

Still, it was a very exciting and close contest. The beauty of
Dun’ilsar is that there are no losers, as long as everyone has fun. OWE
is now considering challenging the Clan of the Rising Claw for the top
spot in the Dun’ilsar ladder, and ELF is working on a challenge against
the Dwarven Millitia. Tav’riel Dun’ilsar! For the Glory of all Clans!

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