Attack of the Giant Chigger

Posted on May 12, 2002 in Uncategorized

Day 33, Year 546 of the Ascendancy

Today, a most strange looking creature appeared in town center. It was
a Juliosaur, an eight-legged beast which resembles a 20 foot tall Ona

No one knew exactly where the beast had come from,
but it was first spotted outside of town, and followed exiles into town

Despite appearances to the contrary, the Juliosaur
was incredibly powerful, and not even the 5th circle fighters who were
present could stand up to its powerful mandibles.

Because we had no way to get rid of the Juliosaur,
we decided to trap it in Mai’s Lawn with kudzu. This was fairly
successful, for a while.

As exiles stood around the captured Juliosaur,
trying to make something of this strange beast, the trickster Malkor
began teleporting people inside the kudzu entrapment with his spriggin

This was really quite amusing– until I broke one of my chains trying to pull the poor exiles out.

The giant chigger was kept captive until the
foolish exile Madcat decided to kill off the kudzu, at which point the
Juliosaur went on a rampage in town, until exiles managed to lead it

Now, none know where the Juliosaur has disapeared,
but I have a feeling that it will not be long before we again meet up
with this fearsome arachnid.

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