Hawkthorn Promoted to Mystic

Posted on November 30, 2001 in Uncategorized

Day 90, Year 544 of the Ascendancy

The last couple expeditions to the Foothills and beyond have been mixed
experience. On the one hand we were able to map out the new territory
without departing, but on the other hand, we have been unable to make
any progress toward finding the Orga Stronghold and Trillbane’s
Library. Perhaps our next expedition will be more successful. Jazz, Koric, Norm, and Babajaga have all written excellent accounts of these expeditions on their scrolls.

Enough with the bad news though. Today there were
too positive events worth celebrating about. The first is the full moon
OC raid, led by Jo’Maril and Tonoto, which successfully led to Robin
Greyhawk acquiring a teleportation stone. Several times the party was
almost wiped out, and at one point we gave up and decided to wait until
midnight, but we were soon reinforced by a party led by Zorton, and we
managed to dispatch all of the ‘locks in OC4 and get Robin the stone.

The second bit of good news is that the Mystic
Council saw it fit that the Journeyman Mystic Hawkthorn by advanced to
the status of full and honourable Mystic. Hawkthorn is a very talented
Mystic, skilled in the skristal and divination, and I am sure he will
continue to aid Puddleby and the Mystic Guild in his new position.

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