Small Dal'Noth Hunt

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Day 191, Year 538 of the Ascendancy

“Old exiles never die, they just fade away…”
Such was the case with my skin dye, and I was understandably miffed.
Just a month and a half ago, I had doled out 600 coins for my black
skin dye, and had been told that it would last for “months”, and here I
was, just forty-five days later, and my skin dye was nearly all gone.
The dye did not fade off my skin completely, but left a dark-brown
residue, that made me look as if I were ill. Little did I know, that
the status of my complexion was about to improve. As I milled about
town, complaining about my ill fate, I was asked by the ‘Zo Arocet, to
open up Dal’Noth Isle. I happily complied, and I was even invited to
join in on their hunt. And so it began, one of the greatest money
making hunts of my life.

The party that I travelled with was one of the
smallest Dal parties I had ever seen. The party consisted of only four
members: Arocet, Cygnus, Klur, and myself. At first, I was a bit
skeptical that a party of four could survive long on Dal’Noth,
especially when one of those four was a Mystic. However, I soon found
that my doubts were ill-placed, as ‘Noth after ‘Noth fell before us.
And the coins, oh yes, the coins. As we traversed Dal’Noth Isle, and
slaughtered ‘Noth after ‘Noth, we received the countless bounties
placed upon their heads. Particularly profitable were the Xar’Noths, a
new type of ‘Noth that looks like a Sar, but wears blue robes. The
Xar’Noths are not worth much when it comes to bounties, but those that
carry chests can be worth as much as 200 coins. That comes out to fifty
coins, divided out evenly among us. My purse was quickly filled in no


We swiftly cleared out the Dal’Noth Town, and
proceeded to clear out the monsters out of the north-western part of
the isle. After we were done with that, my path-finding skills came in
handy, as we explored the Dal’Noth Outpost. All went off without a
hitch, until we exited the outpost, and found ourselves surrounded by a
legion of ‘Noths and Dews. I was quickly felled, and Arocet and Cygnus
followed shortly thereafter, and only Klur remained alive. Luckily,
Klur had in his possession a chain, and he skilfully tied us into a
bundle, and dragged us off to the Dal’Noth Town to heal safely. We
hunted for a little while more after that, before returning to
Puddleby. I had made several hundred coins, in a little over an hour of

Later, I was to return to Dal’Noth Isle. A small
party of exiles had been massacred by a Xar’Noth on Dal’Noth Isle, and
I was called to let the rescue party in. The rescue went off quite
smoothly, and the Xar’Noth was quickly put in it’s place. We hunted in
the Dal’Noth Town for a short while afterwards, and I added even more
coins to my already bulging purse. Returning to town, I decided it was
time for a new dye to cover up my faded old one. This time, I decided
on the gray skin dye, which cost a whooping 450 coins. Boy, I really am
living quite a decadent lifestyle as of late. Hopefully this skin dye
will last longer than the last one. For now, I am stylin.

Gray Skin Dye

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