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Sombdi, day 9 of Spring, 543

Today the Beautify Puddleby Project, started by clan E’las Loth’mon Ferindril, was finally completed, thanks to the help of Johnny Treeseed. Johnny appeared in town shortly before midnight, and quickly attracted an audience with his bag of magic seeds, which made trees grow wherever he planted them.

Johnny Treeseed Puddleby

Johnny Treeseed Info

Johnny asked us where we would like him to plant his trees, and Yazza and Dierdre helped direct him in planting plants all around Puddleby. Johnny even asked for our help at one point, and we helped Johnny out by planting some grass around town.

Helping Johnny Treeseed

Planting Grass Puddleby

Below are some more sketches from the seed planting:

Johnny Treeseed Planting a Seed pt.1

Johnny Treeseed Planting a Seed pt.2

Johnny Treeseed Planting a Seed pt.3

Johnny Treeseed Planting a Seed pt.4