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Lundi, day 5 of Summer, 578

After many years of hard study, I was finally awarded my first training ledger today! Following in the footsteps of my good friend Eros, I am now qualified to teach students in the art of mental energy recovery. So if you’re a mystic, and looking to improve your recovery times, come find me in town.

Mystic Training Ledger

To Learn and to Teach are the greatest joys in life.

Sombdi, day 9 of Summer, 576

I just wanted write a quick note to congratulate Math, who was advanced to the station of Full Mystic today. Congratulations Ma’ta Math, on the well deserved and long awaited promotion!

A well deserved promotion

An exercise in patience

Soldi, day 52 of Summer, 569

It’s not often you see more than a few Mystics outside of the library, but today there were a quite few of my fellow Guild members out and about. We took the opportunity to take care of some business (including helping to restore K’vynn’s title), as well as get a few sketches of us dressed in full regalia.

K'vynn Promotion

Mystic photo op

Yesterday I participated in the tail end of MaryJane’s Mystic Cloud Event, along with Vequalir, Yazza, and Kor’gah. When I arrived, people were trying to get the Dark Cloud back over Sfoft’s Peak, where a number of exiles were fallen.
Moving the Cloud turned out to be harder than I expected though, and even with the guidance of Apprender(who is familiar with the runic script of the Cloud control room), it took many frustrating hours before we could get the Cloud back over the Peak.

We did eventually manage to get the Cloud in place, however, and rescue those fallen at Sfoft’s. I even managed to get a mark on Sfoft’s Peak, thanks to a teleportation stone given to me by Ansset, so next time I should be able to reach the Peak without having to go through that whole ordeal.
Afterwards, we walked the green portal back to the Mirror, so a few more exiles could get access to the cloud, before moving it back to Falinea’s temple. All in all it was quite an event, and I think I’m starting to get the hang of Cloud driving.

Smooshed on the Cloud
Peering over the edge
Surviving the fall!

Today, the Journeyman Ansset advanced to the station of Full Mystic, and I was fortunate enough to take part in his promotion ceremony. Beer was provided for by Zorton and the generous Attila, and Ansset proceeded to have his first fall as a Full Mystic.
Some Darshak tried to disrupt the ceremony and run off with the beer, but luckily Michael was on hand to quickly dispatch the intruders. Congratulations to Ansset, on his much deserved promotion!