Exploring the East

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Fordi, day 79 of Spring, 594

Made it out of the library for the first time in many, many moons today. Much has changed and much remains the same.

I had barely stepped out of the library to stretch my legs when Harper contacted me, and excitedly told me about some recent discoveries surrounding the Cloud and the new lands discovered to the East. I joined her on the Cloud, where she tried to explain to me about runes and markings, which truly mystified me.

After filling me on the details, we decided to take some time to explore the Cloud to see if there were any illusions or secrets that had yet to be discovered. We were joined by Valtrim and the Journeyman Whirl Wind, for an all-mystic exploratory party that didn’t get very far very fast.

Eventually, Baffina joined our party and we were able to explore the Cloud in earnest. Although we didn’t discover anything new, I did get to visit a few places I had not see before.

Afterward, we decided to take a plunge from the cloud and explore the new Eastern village. This, predictably, did not go well, and a rescue effort ensued led by Elenis Reyav and a half dozen top-notch fighters and healers. Eventually we were all rescued and were able to explore the village a bit, before heading back home.

Rescued from the Eastern Village

Rescued from the Eastern Village

It’s been ages since I’ve explored any new areas, so it was an enlightening trip, although the mysteries of the new Eastern lands still elude me.

Posing in a Hidden Temple

Posing in a Hidden Temple

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