Expedition to Fire Island

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Day 253, Year 538 of the Ascendancy

Exploring Fire Island alone is very dangerous. Actually, exploring anywhere
alone is dangerous for Mystics, but I somehow find myself doing it
anyway. And so it was that I was exploring the Fire Island, and as it
were, alone. The southern forests of Fire Island were looking quite
like they usually did: exciting, breath-taking, beautiful, and 100%
fatal. Needless to say, I soon found myself lying flat on my back,
counting the clouds in the sky.

Luckily for me, my clan mate Stryfe was in the
lands, and he soon managed to locate, and raise me. He then gave me a
few sharp words on how a Mystic shouldn’t be travelling on his own, and
I nodded obligatorily, and we went our separate ways. I fell again,
shortly thereafter. Once more Stryfe came to my rescue, and once more
he lectured to me about travelling alone, and once more we went our
separate ways. Once more, I fell. At this point, Stryfe realized that
this was not working out, and decided to tag along with me, so he could
heal me as soon as I fell, instead of having to paddle all the way from

I owe you one, Stryfe

From the southern forests we travelled slowly
north-wards, taking in all of the many interesting sights. There were
narrow mountain passes, barren plains of ash, mysterious craters, and
countless caves, caverns, and crevices. We passed through all this,
encountering little resistance, but our luck changed when we discovered
a cave to the north, filled with bats and snakes. We quickly fled the
beasts, but they pursued us, even outside the safety of their caves,
and soon, Stryfe and I lay strewn about the rock floor, in the middle
of nowhere. Luckily for us, though, the halfling Iho was in the area,
and he had us back on our feet in no time. And so ended our exploration
of the Fire Island.

Iho to the rescue

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