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Merdi, day 8 of Summer, 578

I’ve seen many strange invasions in the more than four decades I’ve lived in Puddleby (my, how time flies!), but none quite so strange as the one I saw today. Apparently, many forest creatures aren’t too happy with the new road to UoP that was built recently (and I can’t blame them– I’m not too thrilled with it either).

Anyway, the forest actually decided to do something about it, leading to Puddleby’s first kudzu invasion. The usual muddy streets of Puddleby were filled end to end with kudzu, making it nearly impossible to move. The kudzu were aided by patches of Corsica, which are especially deadly when you’re immobile, as well as Tree Giants and packs of foxweirs.

Eventually, the townsfolk were able to push the forest creatures back, and started clearing the road to UoP, which was completely covered in kudzu. I tagged along, planting a few seedlings along the way (they actually look rather nice on the side of the road).

Kudzu Road

Follow the kudzu-covered road

The invasion culminated in a big battle in front of the University, where exiles were finally able to overwhelm the forest. There were a few more waves of plants in town, and one kudzu even made some half-hearted attempts at negotiating with exiles, but eventually they ended up being smoked by the pirate, Stinkfist.

Jaqen Negotiates Kudzu

Jaqen: Kudzu Negotiator

So it looks like the ugly road to the University is here to stay. The only question that remains is: what are we going to do with all this mulch?

Kudzu Town Center Puddleby

The last of the kudzu invaders