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One of the things which has impressed me most about the Puddleby community is the creativity that exiles have displayed through their use of webscrolls. I remember eagerly reading through dozens of scrolls when I was a new exile, and I was even inspired to create a scroll of my very own, nearly 40 puddle years ago.

Unfortunately, many of the scrolls that I grew up with are no longer available. Shelves have moved, scrolls have rotted and burned, and the scribes themselves have moved off to pursue other ventures. Much of Puddleby’s history and culture have been lost to the shifting sands of time.

This is why recently I have begun a project of recovering some of these lost scrolls. Thanks to the magic of, as well as personal copies of some of my favorite scrolls, I’ve been able to restore a number of older scrolls. These include the scrolls of well known exiles of the past, such as Sassy, Lilit, and Falinea, as well as other scribes who shared their stories, advice, and experiences in exile.

recovered clan lord sites

A full list of the scrolls can be found here. I hope you’ll find it a fun a nostalgic look into Puddleby’s past. And if you know of any scrolls that are missing, or have any on hand, please let me know, and I can add them to the list.